🌱 Introduction

Now it’s time to focus on a specific product you want to sell.

This is where you focus on the specific benefits of the item for your customer, and how it will help improve their life.

This applies not just to the businesses I have shown you in Prompt2Profit, but to absolutely ANY business or service you ever get involved with, including:

  • Information products like courses, books, newsletters and membership sites
  • Your own consultancy and services, such as tutoring, coaching and training (offline and online)
  • Freelance services like gardening, DIY, couriering, removals.
  • Third party Amazon products
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Food and drink products
  • Supplements and health products
  • Craft products
  • Webshops

Whenever you need to advertise, direct sell or publicise something, you need to know how to turn its features into benefits.