➡️ Step Two: Turn Benefits Into Bullet Points

Bullet points are a tried and tested way of getting your hooks into someone so that they cannot resist your offer. By listing bullets with different benefits, you can catch the attention of customers who have different reasons to buy.

These take a lot of skill to create – but not if you use my templates.

Keep open the chat conversation listing the benefits and features. And then use this prompt:

➡️ “I am going to give you some templates for bullet points to go in my sales copy. Can you take the information about the features and benefits above and add it to these templates…“

✅ Discover the secret of getting [result] in [time] without [common obstacle]

✅ Revealed, this one trick will help you [avoid problem] easily

✅ How to turn a [simple action] into a [massive result]

✅ Enjoy [fast /easy result] – just follow these x simple steps and you could have [benefit] in [time frame]

✅ Avoid [pitfall] by doing this one simple thing every day at [time]

✅ The x best tools for [getting result] for under [price]

✅ Are you making this number one [activity] mistake? You won’t believe how many people do this, even ‘professionals’.

✅ A little known [subject] shortcut that will save you [money amount / time amount] – you MUST do this if you [are a person in this specific situation]

✅ Discover the fastest way to [insert specific goal]

✅ How to stop and even reverse [insert problem]

✅ Improve your [skill result] in just [x] minutes a day

✅ How this [insert unlikely object] could double your [response/money/success] in [insert specific time frame]

✅ How to reduce [insert problem] with a [insert unlikely solution]

✅ The lazy way to turn [x amount] into [y amount]

✅ What You Need to Know About [Good, Bad or Desirable Thing]

✅ How to Get [X Result] without needing to [Do Task]

✅ An easy way to get [X Result] in [X Amount of Time]

✅ Amazing shortcut gets rid of [Obstacle or problem] instantly

✅ No more [type of] problems! Use this insider trick to get more [Result} in less time.

✅ How to get a [Result] Using X

✅ How to [get incredible professional result] without any skills or experience.

✅ Tired of [Obstacle, hassle or problem]? This easy shortcut can free you from this stress in seconds!

✅ Effortlessly Boost [Result/Performance] – this could deliver you [X result] without any extra effort or time!

✅ Say Goodbye to [Type of] struggles – you could get [Task A, task B and Task C] done for you every day, automatically.

✅ Sick of the Rising Cost of Living? It’s Time to Do Something About It – This AI trick Can Help You Save £XX

✅ Revealed, this one trick will help you [avoid problem] easily

✅ ChatGPT will then create the bullets for you, like this:

Discover the secret of getting organised and stress-free meal planning in just one week without the usual confusion and time-consuming guesswork.

✅ Revealed, this one trick in our planner will help you avoid overspending on groceries easily.

✅ How to turn a simple glance at our digital planner into massive savings and nutritional improvements for your family.

✅ Enjoy hassle-free, budget-friendly meal planning – just follow these simple steps in our planner and you could have a healthier, happier family in just a few days.

✅ The shocking truth about family nutrition that even diet experts don’t want you to know – and it’s all in our easy-to-use worksheets.

✅ Avoid the pitfall of nutritional imbalance by following this one simple meal planning routine every day at breakfast.

✅ The 3 best tools for effective meal planning and budgeting for under the price of a single family dine-out.

✅ Are you making this number one meal planning mistake? You won’t believe how many people forget to consider the budget – even ‘seasoned’ planners.

✅ A little-known digital planning shortcut that will save you hours each week – you MUST try this if you are a busy parent on a tight budget.

✅ The latest results from our digital planner users revealed: more savings, less stress.

✅ Discover the fastest way to transform your chaotic meal routines into a streamlined, enjoyable experience.

✅ How to stop and even reverse the stress of meal planning and budgeting with our digital planner.

✅ Improve your family’s health and well-being in just 15 minutes a day with our nutrition worksheets.

✅ How this digital planner could double your meal planning efficiency and cut grocery costs in just one month.

✅ How to reduce mealtime chaos with a simple, structured digital planning approach.

✅ The lazy way to turn a hectic week into a well-organised, nutritious meal schedule.

✅ The digital meal planner that’s better than any old-fashioned, paper-based system.

✅ If ChatGPT doesn’t follow your templates or decided to come up with what it thinks are good bullet points, use this prompt:

➡️ “Hold on – but you haven’t used my templates as inspiration? I am looking for a very specific style. Please redo them.”

Save your bullet points on a document. These will be invaluable for any copywriting you need to do in the future,