➡️ Step Two: Create Your Lead Magnet

➡️ “What topics are currently trending or of interest in my industry that could be explored in a lead magnet?“

➡️ “Help me identify the pain points or challenges my audience faces that my lead magnet can address.“

➡️ “Give me X ideas for compelling lead magnets to capture the attention of my target audience. Include ideas for [insert type of lead magnet you are considering, eg, report, video, eBook, start-up guide, webinar, checklist, etc]“

➡️ “How should I structure a persuasive [type of] lead magnet for a [insert industry] audience?“

➡️ “Give me X compelling headlines for a [insert type] of lead magnet about [insert topic]?“

➡️  “Provide a detailed outline for a lead magnet on [insert topic].“

➡️ “Help me draft an outline for a [insert type] on [insert topic]?“

You can then get to write the content for each section bit by bit…


➡️  “Please help me write an introduction for my lead magnet on [insert topic].”

➡️ “Provide a draft for the section [insert section title or number] of my lead magnet on [insert topic].”

➡️ “What should I include in the call to action at the end of my lead magnet to encourage sign-ups or further engagement?”

➡️ “Draft for me a persuasive call to action encouraging readers to [insert desired action, e.g., subscribe, download, etc.]?“