➡️ Step Three: Create Your Customer Avatar

➡️ “Write me a comprehensive summary of this target buyer so that I can create a customer avatar.“

ChatGPT will create a document like this:

Customer Avatar: The Ethical and Discerning London Mother

Name: Emily

Age: 40

Occupation: Self-employed professional

Location: Urban setting, specifically in London

Family Status: Married with children

Lifestyle and Interests:

  • Emily is deeply environmentally conscious and actively seeks products that align with her values.
  • Her busy lifestyle as a self-employed mother leaves her with limited time, making efficiency and convenience in shopping crucial.
  • She has a keen interest in unique, ethical, and bespoke items, especially when purchasing gifts for friends.
  • Personalization and the uniqueness of products are highly valued, as these reflect her thoughtfulness and consideration.

Shopping Habits:

  • Emily is a regular online shopper, primarily due to time constraints and the convenience it offers.
  • Her purchasing decisions are significantly influenced by the quality of the product, ethical production practices, positive reviews, and sustainable packaging.
  • Preferred payment methods are those that offer convenience and security, like credit/debit cards or PayPal.

Product Preferences:

  • She seeks products that are unique, personalised, and of high quality.
  • Ethical production and environmental friendliness are non-negotiable aspects of her preferred products.
  • Past disappointments have made her wary of poor quality and unsustainable practices.

Social Media and Discovery:

  • Emily is active on platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.
  • She often discovers new products through social media, Etsy, and recommendations from friends.
  • Online reviews and influencer recommendations play a significant role in her purchasing decisions, providing assurance about quality and reliability.

Challenges and Needs:

  • Emily faces challenges in balancing her time efficiently, making the ease of online shopping appealing.
  • She seeks gifts that are meaningful, reflecting her personal touch and care, which are hard to find in mass-produced items.
  • Sustainable and ethical production is a major requirement, aligning with her environmental consciousness.

Feedback on Existing Listings:

  • Emily often finds current product listings on platforms like Amazon and Etsy lacking in detailed information about sustainability and ethical production practices.
  • She seeks clarity and transparency in product listings, particularly regarding the sourcing of materials and the environmental impact of the products.

Summary: Emily represents a segment of the market that values ethics, personalization, and quality above all. As a busy, environmentally conscious mother living in a bustling urban setting, her shopping habits are geared towards finding unique, bespoke items that reflect her values and lifestyle. Her online shopping preferences are influenced by convenience, detailed product information, and the assurance of quality and sustainability. Emily’s ideal shopping experience includes clear communication about a product’s ethical and environmental impact, combined with the ease and security of online transactions.

Next, use this prompt:

➡️ “Now turn this into a one paragraph description along with an image of the person.”

You’ll now get a summary like this, along with an image created by Dall-e.

Emily is a 40-year-old self-employed professional living in London. As a mother who is environmentally conscious, she embodies a lifestyle of thoughtfulness and sustainability.

Balancing her busy life, she has a modern and sophisticated style, reflecting her discerning taste for unique, ethical, and bespoke items.

Her shopping habits are geared towards online platforms where she seeks personalised, high-quality products that align with her eco-friendly values. Emily values transparency in product sourcing and prefers items that demonstrate a commitment to reducing environmental impact.

Active on social media, she relies on reviews and recommendations to guide her purchases. Emily’s avatar represents a segment of consumers who prioritise ethical production, personalization, and sustainability in their buying decisions.

Here is another example of an avatar created for target customers who work in an office and would want to buy a humorous mug for work…

Nathan is a 35-year-old male office worker in a modern, laddish environment.

He’s usually slightly stressed but maintains a good-natured, humorous expression, with love of sarcastic comments and witty banter.

He wears  smart-casual office attire and drinks lots of coffee and tea throughout the day, often chatting with colleagues in the kitchen.

His is a busy office environment but he likes sports, pubs and films. He’s always checking his phone, with social media apps like Facebook and Instagram.

[Note: ChatGPT’s Dall-e function doesn’t handle text very well, so the mug text makes no sense – but remember this image is for your own personal use only.]

Here’s another example for a Kindle eBook about how to use social media aimed at seniors.

Meet John, a retired individual in his late 60s living with his spouse. Although well-educated, John is not particularly skilled in technology.

He owns a smartphone and a tablet, which he uses to a limited extent.

John is eager to make new friends, join local walking groups, attend community events, and stay connected with his grandchildren.

He also hopes to potentially earn some extra income to supplement his pension.

However, John feels apprehensive about using social media. He is shy and concerned about encountering abuse or trolls online.

John struggles with what to post and is unfamiliar with social media etiquette and the use of filters. Although he has a Facebook account, he rarely utilises it. John seeks resources written in a familiar style, free from jargon and complex technology.

He desires reassurance that engaging on social media platforms is safe and appropriate for someone like him.