➡️ Step Three: Come Up With a Tagline

Open the Chat thread where you worked on branding ideas. You may have already been given tagline ideas by ChatGTP.

But if not, here’s what to do:

➡️ “Based on the selected name [enter name], generate 5 branding taglines.“


➡️ “Come up with a memorable tagline for this product that resonates with my target audience [INSERT CUSTOMER AVATAR].“

Chat GPT will provide ideas:

For “GallowsHumorMugs,” a brand that embraces dark and edgy humour in its products, an effective tagline should capture the essence of the brand’s unique appeal. Here’s a branding tagline suggestion:

“Stirring Up Smirks, One Sip at a Time”

This tagline plays on the dual meaning of “stirring” – both as in stirring a drink and in provoking amusement. It encapsulates the brand’s commitment to delivering humour with every mug, appealing to those who appreciate a darker, more sarcastic form of wit.

“Dark Laughs, Bold Brews”

This tagline combines the concept of dark humour with the boldness of a good coffee, encapsulating the essence of the mugs and the humour they bring.