➡️ Step Six: Send Free Content

You will now need to send your subscribers regular free content in order to build their trust and get them used to opening your emails.

➡️  “Brainstorm ideas for content that will engage my target audience.“

➡️  “What are some popular topics in [insert industry or subject matter] that would engage my audience?“

➡️   “Plan me a series of emails for the coming month, two per week, each focussing on a different topic related to [your overall subject].“

➡️  “Assist in gathering information on [insert topic] for my upcoming newsletter.“

➡️  “Draft me the content for my newsletter on [insert topic]. My style is [DESCRIBE YOUR DESIRED STYLE. EG, FUNNY, SERIOUS, URGENT, ENTHUSIASTIC, WARM AND CARING, CYNICAL].“

➡️  “Suggest X catchy subject lines for my newsletter on [insert topic].“