➡️ Step Seven: Sales Emails

For this step you need to gather the customer avatar from Module One, and the product details (branding, backstory, USP and benefits} from Module Two. Feed them into Chat GPT with this prompt.

➡️ “I am going to give you some background information about my product so that you can help me with some marketing questions. Here are the details: [Insert customer avatar, branding, backstory, USP and benefits).“

➡️  “What should be the primary objectives of my email marketing campaign for [insert product/service name]?“

➡️  “Plan for me a marketing campaign to promote [insert product/service].“

➡️  “Create a timeline for my email campaign, including warm-ups, launch promotions, follow-ups, and close-down emails?“

➡️  “Give me engaging subject lines and call-to-actions for an email campaign promoting [insert product/service].“

➡️   “Draft a series of emails for taking my subscribers towards purchasing [insert product/service].“

➡️  “Outline for me a warm-up email to build anticipation and interest in [insert product/service name]?“

(You can adjust this outline and then feed it back to Chat GPT to draft the content for you.

➡️  “Outline for me a sales email to promote this product – here is my list of benefits, the USP and the offer; [INSERT DETAILS]“

➡️  “What content should I include in follow-up emails to overcome objections and provide additional value?”

➡️  “Write me a follow up email based on [insert suggestion offered after the prompts above]“

As with all the other steps in email marketing, you can use the Advanced Copy techniques outlined in Module Three to improve subject lines, bullet points and other elements of email sales copy.