➡️ Step One: Select Your Copy Framework

Go to ChatGPT. As a shortcut, go to the conversation thread where you came up with the customer avatar. OR

  • Feed the avatar into Chat GPT.
  • Add a description of your product including its main benefits and USP.

Now use this prompt:

➡️ “Act as my Etsy/Amazon listings copywriter.  I need you to come up with [COPYWRITING FRAMEWORK] for my product, [PRODUCT DESCRIPTION] that has the following benefits [LIST BENEFITS]. It is aimed at [TARGET CUSTOMER].“

For instance if you select AIDA it will give you a result like this:

AIDA Model

  1. Attention: “Discover Unique, Handmade Gifts That Tell a Story!”
  2. Interest: “As a busy, self-employed mother, you understand the value of time and thoughtfulness. Our bespoke, personalised items offer more than just a gift; they are a heartfelt expression tailored to each of your friends’ unique personalities.”
  3. Desire: “Imagine the smile on your friend’s face as they unwrap a handcrafted, personalised piece that reflects their character and your bond. From custom-engraved jewellery to hand-painted home decor, each item in our collection is made with love and care, ensuring that your gift is as special as the person receiving it.”
  4. Action: “Start creating lasting memories today. Visit our Etsy shop to select the perfect, personalised gift and take the first step in making your friends feel truly cherished.”

For PAS it might give you this.

Problem-Agitate-Solution Approach

  1. Problem: “Finding the perfect gift can be a challenge, especially when you’re looking for something as unique and special as your friends. Mass-produced items just don’t capture the personal touch you’re seeking.”
  2. Agitate: “You’ve spent hours searching for gifts that reflect the individuality of your friends, but nothing seems right. The frustration of finding something that’s both personal and of high quality can be overwhelming, leaving you questioning if you’ll ever find that perfect item.”
  3. Solution: “Our Etsy shop offers the solution you’ve been searching for. With our range of bespoke, handmade, and personalised goods, you can find the ideal gift that resonates with each of your friends’ distinct personalities. From custom-made accessories to individually designed home decor, our products are crafted with care, ensuring that each gift is as extraordinary as your friends. Say goodbye to the stress of gift searching and hello to a world of thoughtful, personalised gifting.”

For SLAP it might give you:

Stop: “✨ Personalised Mugs: A Sip of Extraordinary! ✨”

Look: “Step into the world of custom charm with our personalised gift mugs! Each mug is more than just a drinking vessel; it’s a canvas for your affection. Whether it’s a witty quote for a friend who loves a good laugh or a heartfelt message for a family member, these mugs transform every coffee break into a moment of joy. Handmade with love, our mugs cater to every personality in your circle. Picture the smile on their faces as they unwrap a mug that’s been crafted just for them, reflecting their uniqueness right down to the last detail.”

Act: “Explore our collection to find the perfect base for your message. From classic elegance to modern chic, our range suits all styles. Personalization is easy and fun – add names, dates, or custom designs that resonate with your loved ones. Whether it’s for a special occasion or just because, a personalised mug is a gift that keeps on giving, reminding them of your thoughtfulness with every sip.”

Purchase: “Ready to make someone’s day? Don’t let this opportunity slip away! Select your favourite design, add your personal touch, and hit ‘Add to Cart’ to create a memorable gift that will warm hearts and hands alike. Order now and elevate the ordinary to extraordinary. With our personalised mugs, you’re not just giving a gift; you’re creating a treasure.”

Or here’s an example of mug listing using the 4Ps framework:.

GallowsHumorMugs: Start Your Day with a Laugh!

  1. Promise: “Are you ready to add a spark of humour to your morning routine? With GallowsHumorMugs, every sip is a step into a world where coffee and wit blend perfectly. Say goodbye to bland mornings!”
  2. Picture: “Picture this: It’s another Monday morning. You’re at the office, the same old tasks waiting, the same old coffee in your hand. But today, your mug packs a punch! With a clever quip etched on its side, your GallowsHumorMug is no ordinary coffee vessel. It’s a statement, a conversation starter, a little rebellion in your hand. Watch as your colleagues do a double-take, a chuckle, a shared moment of levity. This isn’t just a mug; it’s your daily dose of humour, making every coffee break an opportunity to lighten the mood and show off your unique style.”
  3. Proof: “Our customers can’t get enough of GallowsHumorMugs! Here’s what they’re saying: ‘My new mug is the talk of the office!’ and ‘Never started a day better!’ These mugs aren’t just funny; they’re crafted with quality in mind. Durable, dishwasher-safe, and perfect for everyday use – they’re as practical as they are witty.”
  4. Push (or Pitch): “Ready to transform your morning coffee ritual? Don’t let another day be dull! Click ‘Add to Cart’ now and be the reason someone smiles today. Limited stock available – grab your GallowsHumorMug and start sipping in style!”

Let’s try the example of an eBook.

➡️ “Act as my Etsy/Amazon listings copywriter.  I need you to come up with the AIDA model for my product. I created an Amazon Kindle eBook called “Golden Years Online: How to Use the Internet To Make Life Better” that’s aimed at older people showing them how to use social media and the internet to improve their social, romantic and financial life. It reveals how to avoid tech overwhelm, how to joint thriving online groups, how to avoid spam and fraud, how to create a side income online, how to use dating apps successfully, how to create your own video channel to share your crafts, stories and skills, how to monetise your skills, how to fundraise and crowdfund online for charity and social projects, how to build a community around an interest, how to trade online, how to turn your old junk into cash using online apps, how to use online platforms to find low price help for everyday jobs, etc. It is aimed at John, a retired individual in his late 60s living with his spouse. Although well-educated, John is not particularly skilled in technology. He owns a smartphone and a tablet, which he uses to a limited extent. John is eager to make new friends, join local walking groups, attend community events, and stay connected with his grandchildren. He also hopes to potentially earn some extra income to supplement his pension. However, he feels apprehensive about using social media.“

AIDA model…

Attention: “Unlock the Digital World – It’s Never Too Late to Start!”

Interest: “Introducing ‘Golden Years Online: How to Use the Internet To Make Life Better’ – your comprehensive guide to thriving in the digital age. Tailored for the golden generation, this eBook is your key to unlocking a world of possibilities online. From connecting with friends and family to discovering new hobbies and even supplementing your income, the internet is not just for the young; it’s a goldmine of opportunities for everyone.”

Desire: “Imagine effortlessly navigating social media, joining vibrant online communities, or even finding romance through dating apps, all without tech overwhelm. ‘Golden Years Online’ will guide you step-by-step on how to protect yourself from spam and fraud, how to monetize your skills, and even how to turn your old treasures into cash. Picture yourself sharing your life stories or crafts on your own video channel, crowdfunding for causes you’re passionate about, or building a community around your interests. This eBook isn’t just about getting online; it’s about enhancing every aspect of your life in meaningful, exciting ways.”

Action: “Ready to embark on a fulfilling digital journey? ‘Golden Years Online’ is available now on Amazon Kindle. Download your copy today and step confidently into a world where technology enriches your golden years. Embrace the digital age – it’s easy, safe, and incredibly rewarding!”

PAS model…

Problem: “Are you a retiree like John, feeling left behind in the fast-moving digital world? The internet seems overwhelming, and the fear of online scams and etiquette faux pas leaves you apprehensive about diving in. You know there’s a world of opportunity out there, but where do you even start?”

Agitate: “You want to connect with friends, maybe find new communities or even a little romance. You’ve heard about earning extra income online or turning hobbies into cash, but the fear of the unknown, tech jargon, and potential online hazards hold you back. You’re missing out on the vast potential the digital world offers, and it’s frustrating to sit on the sidelines.”

Solution: “‘Golden Years Online: How to Use the Internet To Make Life Better’ is your gateway to confidently stepping into the digital age. This eBook is specifically crafted for you – simplifying the internet, breaking down social media, guiding you through starting an online business, and much more, all in a language you understand. Learn to navigate dating apps, create video channels, trade online, and fundraise for your favourite causes, all while staying safe and secure. With practical tips and easy-to-follow instructions, this guide will transform your online experience, opening doors to new friendships, opportunities, and adventures.”

Action: “Don’t let the digital divide hold you back any longer. Download ‘Golden Years Online’ now on Amazon Kindle and start your journey to a more connected, exciting, and fulfilling online life. It’s time to make the internet work for you!”

4 Ps..

Golden Years Online: Embrace the Digital World

  1. Promise:

“Embark on a Life-Changing Digital Adventure! ‘Golden Years Online’ promises to guide you through the internet’s vast potential, tailored specifically for your golden years. Transform how you connect, learn, and enjoy life.”

  1. Picture:

“Visualise a day where managing your finances, connecting with loved ones, and exploring new passions online is not just easy, but enjoyable. Picture yourself confidently navigating social media, joining online communities that share your interests, and even discovering the joys of online dating. Whether it’s fundraising for a cause close to your heart or selling crafts, this eBook turns the daunting digital world into your playground.”

  1. Proof:

“Written by someone who, just like you, stepped into the online world post-60 and conquered it. Now, with thriving social connections, a fulfilling romantic life, and a successful online presence, the author’s journey is a testament to what awaits you. This eBook isn’t just theory; it’s a practical guide born from real-life success and experience.”

  1. Push (or Pitch):

“Don’t let the digital age intimidate you any longer. ‘Golden Years Online’ is your key to unlocking a vibrant, connected, and fulfilling online life. Available now on Amazon Kindle – take the first step towards your digital empowerment. Download your copy today and begin your journey to an enriched and connected future. The internet is waiting for you!”

SLAP Framework…

Stop: “🌐 Embrace the Digital Era in Your Golden Years! 🌐”

Look: “Ever felt the digital world is passing you by? ‘Golden Years Online’ is here to change that! This Kindle eBook is specifically designed for retirees like John, who want to explore the vast potential of the internet but don’t know where to start. Imagine connecting with friends, discovering new hobbies, and even earning a side income, all from the comfort of your home. This guide will show you how to use social media safely, avoid online scams, and engage in rewarding online activities. Whether it’s mastering dating apps or launching your own video channel, the digital world is full of opportunities waiting for you.”

Act: “Take the first step to becoming tech-savvy! ‘Golden Years Online’ is filled with easy-to-understand advice, practical tips, and step-by-step instructions tailored for those not born in the digital age. It’s never been easier to enhance your social, romantic, and financial life online.”

Purchase: “Don’t wait to unlock the doors of the digital world. Grab your copy of ‘Golden Years Online’ on Amazon Kindle today and start transforming your online experience. A world of connection, creativity, and convenience awaits. Click to purchase now and join the thriving community of tech-empowered seniors!”

Storytelling model

Title: “Golden Years Online: Transform Your Life with the Internet”

Introduction (Setting the Scene): “Welcome to ‘Golden Years Online,’ a guide that emerged from my personal journey. Five years ago, at 60, my online experience was limited to work emails. But life had more in store for me. After my wife’s passing, I discovered a new world online that profoundly changed my life.”

Challenge (Introducing a Problem): “Like many in my age group, I felt overwhelmed by technology. Social media, online banking, and digital communities seemed daunting. I yearned for connection, growth, and new beginnings, but the digital divide seemed insurmountable.”

Journey (Solution and Adventure): “Determined, I embarked on a journey of digital discovery. I learned to navigate the internet, from managing finances to engaging in social causes. I even found love again through online dating and built a vibrant community around my passion for walking. Each step was a learning curve, leading me to a newfound sense of freedom and connection.”

Victory (Overcoming the Challenge): “Now, I’m thrilled to share my experiences and insights in ‘Golden Years Online.’ This eBook is your roadmap to mastering the internet. Whether it’s making new friends, starting a side hustle, or discovering new hobbies, it’s all within your reach. I’ve packed this guide with practical tips, easy-to-follow instructions, and personal anecdotes to inspire and guide you.”

Conclusion (Resolution and Call to Action): “‘Golden Years Online’ isn’t just a book; it’s a doorway to a world of possibilities. Available now on Amazon Kindle, it’s your time to embrace the digital age, find new adventures, and connect with a global community. Don’t let technology intimidate you. Download your copy today and begin a journey that will enrich your life beyond measure. The internet awaits, and so does a world of opportunities!”

Simply choose which of these you prefer, and which best sells your products.