➡️ Step One: Analysing Benefits and Features

Understanding the difference between benefits and features is crucial.

Features are factual statements about a product or service; they describe what the product is and what it does. Features are the “specs” of a product, such as materials, dimensions, functionality, or design elements.

Example, Mugs on Etsy:

✅ Feature: Made from ceramic material.

✅ Feature: Dishwasher and microwave safe.

✅ Feature: Holds 12 ounces of liquid.

Benefits, on the other hand, are the value that the customer gains from using the product. They answer the customer’s question, “What’s in it for me?” Benefits are more about the experience, the emotional appeal, and the solution that the product provides.

Mugs on Etsy:

✅ Benefit: Make your friends and family envious with your cool quirky style.

✅ Benefit: Witty, funny slogan makes you and your friends laugh

✅ Benefit: Robust and easy to clean, fitting seamlessly into your busy lifestyle.

✅ Benefit: Perfect for a cosy, comforting coffee or tea at home or office.

Here’s another example…

Digital Planners on Etsy:


✅ Digital download format.

✅ Compatible with note-taking apps like GoodNotes and Notability.

✅ Includes monthly, weekly, and daily planning pages.


✅ Instant access to organise your life right from your tablet or smartphone.

✅ Easily plan your days, weeks, and months with a customizable and interactive interface.

✅ Streamlines your scheduling and task management, enhancing productivity and reducing stress.

So before you begin branding a product or trying to sell it, you need to list all the features. For example, a digital planner for a small business owner might include: a goal setting guide, a calendar, daily ‘to do’ list, daily affirmations, a financial budgeting spreadsheet and an achievements diary, fill in the blanks email and blog templates and social media scheduler.

➡️ “Here are the features of my [product]: [list features]. It is aimed at [brief description of target audience avatar]. What are the benefits of these features for this person?”


➡️ “Here are the features of my print-on-demand t-shirts: high-quality fabric, unique graphic designs, and custom size options. The images are irreverent, funny slogans aimed at older adults who are into sports eg. golf, formula 1, football. What are the benefits of these features?”

ChatGPT will do the work for you.

Features and Corresponding Benefits

  1. Feature: High-Quality Fabric
    • Benefit: Provides long-lasting comfort and durability, perfect for active lifestyles or casual wear. The fabric maintains its quality through sports activities, social events, or regular use.
    • How to Present: “Crafted for comfort and endurance, our t-shirts feature high-quality fabric that keeps up with your active lifestyle, while ensuring you stay comfortable whether you’re on the golf course, at a sports event, or just enjoying a casual outing.”
  2. Feature: Unique Graphic Designs with Irreverent, Funny Slogans
    • Benefit: Offers a playful way to express your passion for sports and a sense of humour. The unique and humorous designs cater specifically to sports enthusiasts, making them great conversation starters.
    • How to Present: “Show off your love for sports with a twist of humour! Our t-shirts boast unique graphic designs with irreverent, funny slogans that capture your passion for golf, Formula 1, and football. Perfect for a laugh on the green, at the track, or any sports gathering.”
  3. Feature: Custom Size Options
    • Benefit: Ensures a flattering and comfortable fit for all body types, enhancing confidence and appeal. Tailored to fit perfectly, these t-shirts are designed to look great on any sports enthusiast.
    • How to Present: “Our custom size options guarantee that you’ll find the perfect fit, designed to flatter and compliment your physique, so you feel as great as you look in your new favourite tee.”

Here’s another example….

➡️ “Here are the features of my digital planner: a goal setting guide, a calendar, daily ‘to do’ list, daily affirmations, a financial budgeting spreadsheet and an achievements diary, fill in the blanks email and blog templates, social media scheduler. It is aimed at small business owners who struggle to stay organised, productive and on schedule, so that they can become more successful at what they do. What are the benefits of these features for this person?”

You will get a list like this:

  1. Goal Setting Guide:
    • Provides clear direction and focus, enhancing strategic planning.
    • Helps in setting realistic and achievable objectives, boosting motivation and productivity.
    • Encourages regular review and adjustment of goals, leading to better business adaptability.
  2. Calendar:
    • Offers a centralised view of appointments, deadlines, and important dates, enhancing time management.
    • Facilitates long-term planning and scheduling, improving overall organisation.
    • Enables reminders and alerts, reducing the chances of missed commitments and opportunities.
  3. Daily ‘To Do’ List:
    • Breaks down tasks into manageable chunks, increasing daily productivity.
    • Helps prioritise tasks, ensuring that critical items are addressed first.
    • Provides a sense of accomplishment as tasks are checked off, boosting morale and motivation.
  4. Daily Affirmations:
    • Reinforces a positive mindset and self-belief, crucial for overcoming business challenges.
    • Helps in maintaining focus on personal and business values and goals.
    • Contributes to stress reduction and mental wellness, important for decision-making and creativity.
  5. Financial Budgeting Spreadsheet:
    • Aids in tracking income and expenses, ensuring better financial control.
    • Assists in identifying areas for cost reduction and increased profitability.
    • Facilitates financial forecasting and planning, essential for business growth and stability.
  6. Achievements Diary:
    • Records milestones and successes, providing a motivational boost and a sense of progress.
    • Helps in evaluating what strategies are working, informing future business decisions.
    • Serves as a reflective tool to appreciate the journey and learn from past experiences.
  7. Fill in the Blanks Email and Blog Templates:
    • Saves time and effort in content creation, increasing efficiency.
    • Ensures consistent and professional communication, enhancing brand image.
    • Facilitates regular engagement with customers and audience, important for marketing and relationship building.
  8. Social Media Scheduler:
    • Allows for planning and scheduling social media content in advance, ensuring a consistent online presence.
    • Frees up time to focus on other aspects of the business, as daily social media posting can be time-consuming.
    • Enables strategic posting at optimal times for audience engagement, increasing the effectiveness of social media efforts.

Now use this follow up prompt to make sure the benefits are expressed in a clear and compelling way.

➡️ Write these benefits again but in a compelling, simple, copywriting style.

You’ll then get something like this:

Revolutionise your small business with our all-in-one digital planner:

  1. Goal Setting Guide:
    • “Navigate your business path with clarity. Set, track, and conquer your goals with ease.”
  2. Calendar:
    • “Never miss a beat. Organise your days, plan your future, and stay ahead of the game.”
  3. Daily ‘To Do’ List:
    • “Transform your to-dos into ta-das! Prioritise, perform, and progress every single day.”
  4. Daily Affirmations:
    • “Boost your business mindset! Start each day with affirmations that propel you to success.”
  5. Financial Budgeting Spreadsheet:
    • “Take charge of your finances. Track, analyse, and grow your business wealth with precision.”
  6. Achievements Diary:
    • “Celebrate every win, big or small. Reflect on your journey and fuel your future victories.”
  7. Email and Blog Templates:
    • “Content creation, simplified. Engage and connect with your audience effortlessly.”
  8. Social Media Scheduler:
    • “Master your social media. Plan, schedule, and publish – all in a snap, saving time for what truly matters.”