➡️ Step Four Other Kinds of Ads

As well as social media you might need Google ads.

➡️ “Write me 3 google ads.“

Google Ad 1: Direct and Solution-Oriented

  • Headline: Simplify Vegan Family Meals
  • Display URL: [YourWebsite].com/FamilyMealPlanner
  • Description: Revolutionise your kitchen with [Your Brand Name]! Effortless meal planning, budget-friendly shopping, and delicious vegan recipes. Try it now for stress-free cooking!

Google Ad 2: Emphasising Ease and Nutrition

  • Headline: Easy Vegan Meal Planning
  • Display URL: [YourWebsite].com/EasyVeganMeals
  • Description: Discover the joy of hassle-free, nutritious vegan meals for your family. Join [Your Brand Name] today – where health meets convenience!

Google Ad 3: Highlighting Unique Selling Points

  • Headline: Vegan? Get Our Family Planner!
  • Display URL: [YourWebsite].com/VeganFamilyPlanner
  • Description: Tailored for vegan families! Get exclusive meal plans, shopping tips, and nutritional guides with [Your Brand Name]. Make vegan cooking simple and fun!

You might also need Banner Ads (used on websites, often displayed at the top, bottom, or sides of web pages)

➡️ “Use my brief to come up with banner ads.“

Banner Ad 1: Emphasising Convenience and Nutrition

  • Visual: A bright and appealing image of a family happily cooking together in a kitchen. A tablet displaying your digital planner is prominently featured.
  • Headline: “Healthy Vegan Meals Made Easy!”
  • Subtext: “Join [Your Brand Name] for stress-free, nutritious family meal planning.”
  • Call to Action Button: “Start Planning Now”

Banner Ad 2: Addressing Pain Points

  • Visual: A split image showing a stressed parent in a chaotic kitchen on one side, and a relaxed, organised kitchen with your planner in use on the other side.
  • Headline: “Transform Your Mealtime Chaos into Kitchen Bliss!”
  • Subtext: “Discover the ease of vegan family cooking with [Your Brand Name].”
  • Call to Action Button: “Learn More”


You can use the work you did in module four to add your own headline, and add the work you did in module three to add our own bullet points.

Or you can use this prompt:

➡️ “Write this advert again, using the following headline [INSERT HEADLINE] an including these bullet points [INSET 3 or MORE BULLET POINTS].“