➡️ Step Four: Name Your Product

If you keep the same chat open, you can use this simple prompt:

➡️ “Suggest names for this product.“

And ChatGPT will supply names – in this example, titles for an eBook.

  1. “Golden Years Online: A Senior’s Guide to Mastering Social Media”
  2. “Social Media Simplified: The Baby Boomer’s Handbook for Digital Connection”
  3. “Tech-Savvy Seniors: Embracing Social Media for Fun, Friendship, and Finance”
  4. “Ageless Internet: Unlocking the Digital World for Retirees”
  5. “Connected After 60: Your Guide to Social Media and Online Opportunities”
  6. “Digital Wisdom: A Senior’s Guide to Thriving in the Social Media Age”
  7. “Silver Surfers’ Social Media Guide: Staying Safe and Connected in the Digital Era”
  8. “Beyond the Basics: A Senior’s Blueprint to Social Media Mastery”
  9. “Elders Online: Navigating Social Networks for Fun and Profit”
  10. “Senior Social Success: Transforming Your Digital Life After Retirement”

Alternatively, you can go back to the ChatGPT conversation where you listed all the benefits of the product.

➡️ “Suggest names for this product, which is aimed at [customer avatar] and has this USP [describe USP).“

➡️ “Suggest names for my digital planner, which is aimed at a stressed and time-poor small business owner who struggles to keep track of tasks, never has time to do social media, and finds it hard to stay focussed and motivated. He is worried about losing his business and his income. He wants to have less work stress and make more money without spending more time. They planner and has these USPs – it is uniquely targeted at the specific needs of a small UK business owner, and includes a unique social media calendar, along with motivational tips that help with mindset, so it’s not just about planning.“

ChatGPT will come up with as many suggestions as you need.

  1. Business Buddy
  2. MindsetMomentum
  3. Streamline Strategist
  4. BalanceBoost Business Planner
  5. ProfitPace Planner
  6. Entrepreneur’s Zenith Planner
  7. BizMaster Planner
  8. Entrepreneur’s Edge
  9. StriveSmart Digital Planner
  10. Pinnacle Planner Pro

Before you choose, look at how similar products are named in the market. Note what works and what doesn’t, aiming to differentiate your product.

➡️ “Based on competitor products named [list competitor product names], create unique product names that stand out and emphasise [list your product’s unique features or benefits].”

TIP Aim for names that are easy to pronounce, spell, and remember. Avoid overly complex or lengthy names. Check the legal availability of your product name to avoid trademark issues.

Now you have a target buyer, a named product with a USP and clearly designed benefits. This means you are ready to create copy for listings, ads and online content.