➡️ Step Four: Find Keywords

You can also get a list of keywords from ChatGPT:

➡️ “I want to sell [ITEM] aimed [TARGET BUYER/LOCATION] for [REASON/GOAL/PROBLEM]. Give me a list of keywords.“


➡️ “I want to sell humorous mugs aimed at stressed parents in the UK for gifts they can give to their peers and for themselves. Give me a list of keywords.“

It will then come up with something for you:

  1. Funny mugs for parents
  2. Humorous coffee cups
  3. Stress relief mugs
  4. Parenting joke mugs
  5. Gift mugs for mom and dad
  6. Laughing parent coffee mug
  7. Sarcasm mugs for parents
  8. Novelty mugs for mothers/fathers
  9. Witty parenting mugs
  10. Adult humour coffee cups
  11. Parent gag gift mugs
  12. Cool mugs for stressed parents
  13. UK parent coffee mugs
  14. Unique mugs for parents
  15. Self-care mugs for parents
  16. Mugs with parenting quotes
  17. Parenting humour drinkware
  18. Comical parent mugs
  19. Personalised mugs for parents
  20. Mugs for busy mums/dads

Here’s another example:

➡️ “I want to sell digital planners aimed at ADHD sufferers to help them be more productive and successful in work and business, with less stress. Give me a list of keywords.”

It would then come up with…

  1. ADHD productivity planner
  2. Digital planner for ADHD
  3. Focus enhancement planner
  4. ADHD work organisation tool
  5. Business planner for ADHD
  6. Time management digital planner
  7. ADHD-friendly productivity app
  8. Organisational tool for ADHD
  9. Task management planner ADHD
  10. Executive function digital planner
  11. ADHD success planner
  12. Customizable ADHD planners
  13. ADHD daily business planner
  14. Stress-reducing planners for ADHD
  15. ADHD work-life balance planner
  16. Digital ADHD task organiser
  17. Mindfulness planner for ADHD
  18. ADHD entrepreneur planner
  19. ADHD goal setting digital tool
  20. Interactive planner for ADHD

You can then feed these into your copy,

➡️ “Rewrite my listing copy, but utilising some of these keywords.“

For more information on listing your P2P products, look through the original blueprint again. Now let’s take a look at other forms of sales copy you might need.