➡️ More Listings PROMPTS

Gathering Product Details:

➡️ “Can you guide me on the essential details I need to gather for creating a compelling product listing?”

➡️ “What are the key specifications, features, and benefits I should highlight for my [product type]?”

Understanding Platform Algorithms:

➡️ “How can I optimise my product listing to perform well on [platform name]’s search algorithm?”

➡️ “What are some keyword research strategies to ensure my listing is discoverable on [platform name]?”

Competitor Analysis:

➡️ “How can I analyse competitor listings to identify what works well in my [niche/industry] on [platform name]?”

➡️ “What are the common elements in top-performing listings in my [niche/industry] on [platform name]?”

Title Creation:

➡️ “Can you help me craft a compelling title for my [product name] that’s being sold on [platform name]?”

➡️ “How can I craft a catchy and SEO-friendly title for my product listing on [platform name]?”

➡️ “What are the best practices for writing product titles that capture attention on [platform name]?”

Keyword Integration:

➡️ “I need to include the following keywords in my product listing: [list of keywords]. Can you help integrate them into the title, bullet points, and description?”

Bullet Points:

➡️ “Can you help me create informative and persuasive bullet points highlighting the key features and benefits of my [product name]?”

➡️ “How can I effectively use bullet points to highlight the key features and benefits of my product?”

Description Writing:

➡️ “I need a captivating product description for my [product name] that emphasises its unique features and benefits. Can you assist?”

➡️ “Can you guide me on writing a persuasive and informative product description?”

SEO Optimization:

➡️ “I’d like my product listing to be SEO-optimised for [platform name]. Can you provide recommendations or rephrase the provided content accordingly?”

➡️ “How should I incorporate keywords into my product listing to improve search visibility on [platform name]?”

➡️ “Can you suggest a method to find relevant keywords for my product listing on [platform name]?”

Photography Description:

➡️ “I have photos showcasing different angles and features of my [product name]. Can you help me write descriptions or captions for these images?”

➡️ “What are the guidelines for capturing high-quality product photos for my listing on [platform name]?”

➡️ “How can I use imagery to showcase the features and benefits of my product on [platform name]?”

Price Justification:

➡️ “I want to justify the price point of my [product name] in the listing. Can you help write a segment that explains the value and quality customers will receive?”

Call to Action:

➡️ “Can you draft a compelling call to action to encourage potential customers to make a purchase?”

Price Strategy:

➡️ “How can I price my product competitively while ensuring a good profit margin?”

➡️ “What are some pricing strategies to consider for my product listing on [platform name]?”

Customer Reviews and Ratings:

➡️ “How can I encourage customers to leave reviews and ratings for my product on [platform name]?”

➡️ “What steps can I take to manage and respond to customer reviews on [platform name]?”