Dear Friend,

If you’ve always wanted to make great money online, but felt locked out…

…or tried in the past but never got the results you’d hoped for…

this could be the most important announcement you’ll read this (or any) year.

Imagine if You Just Clicked Your Fingers and ALL the Difficult Tasks Involved in Making Money Online Magically Disappeared

You’d never stress about whether you were doing it right…

You’d never run out of ideas…

And you’d never be intimidated by the tech.

What’s more you’d never need your own website or use social media.

Instead, you could hand over all the hard work to someone who would do it for free and without complaint…

And as You are About to Find Out, Ultimately End Up Making £17,280, £37,440 or Even £74,880 Passive Income Per Year

Yes, I know this sounds too good to be true.

Right now you might be thinking this is yet another ‘pie in the sky’ money-making promise that will crash and burn the moment you actually try it for yourself…

But stick with me because you are about to see this is REAL and light years beyond ANYTHING you’ve come across before.

Thanks to a new and truly jaw-dropping technological breakthrough, all of the obstacles and hassles that normally stop people from making money online have been removed.

Keep reading and I’ll explain exactly how you can take advantage of this incredible opportunity.

I’ll show how you can get started in as little as ONE DAY (even a few hours) and have your passive-income stream online soon after that.

What’s more, you can get it to do this again and again ON DEMAND.

Ultimately this has the very real potential to make an extra passive income of £1,440… £3,120… or even £6,240 per month.

Let’s face it – until recently it was only a tiny elite of professionals (and a few very talented amateurs) who managed to exploit this proven cash cow to earn a decent living.

It won’t surprise you that – in most cases – to make a consistent income online you needed to be good at marketing, tech and product creation.

The hard truth is you needed to develop these skills yourself over years of trial and error, OR pay someone else to do it for you.

So, if you’ve tried but failed to set up an online business in the past, don’t be too hard on yourself.

Chances are you didn’t see results because you simply didn’t have the specialist skills and experience that come from spending years in the business.

Or you didn’t have a big chunk of money you could spend on freelancers.

But now all that has changed…

Thanks to this new tech revolution, all the ‘difficult’ stuff that was once beyond most people, can now be almost completely automated…

All the Creative Thinking… Product Brainstorming… Niche Analysis… Market Research… Writing… Editing and Proof-Reading Can Now Be DONE FOR YOU!

And with the kind of products I recommend you start with, you don’t need a website, list or following, any start up capital or to get involved with social media or do any difficult marketing.

What makes this particular kind of online opportunity so exciting is that once created it can make you money on autopilot 24/7 for months or even years without you doing a single thing.

I’ll show you exactly what this involves in a moment, but first I want to make one thing very clear upfront…

You Can Say Goodbye to Tech Fears Forever!

If you are more ‘stone age’ than ‘new age’ when it comes to tech, you’re in for a treat.

I know that for many people the tech side can be a big turn-off for when it comes to making money online.

It can be a steep learning curve, with plenty of dead ends and frustrating setbacks.

So if you’ve ended up frustrated trying to get your brain around using software, tools or websites before… you can relax.

As you’re about to find out, this is just about the easiest most user-friendly tech you can imagine…

In fact, if you’re comfortable texting a friend or searching the internet using Google, you’ve got all the skills you need to make a great extra income.

Yes, you will need access to a computer (or tablet) with an internet connection…

And you will have to visit a few websites…

But the great news is this involves some of the most user-friendly tools and platforms ever created.

In fact, the whole point of these new tools is to make it LESS like tech and MORE like how ordinary people talk to each other.

Just like how we text, email or direct messaging with friends, family or work colleagues.

But this opening won’t last long…

If you want to profit from this once-in-a-generation breakthrough, you MUST act quickly.

As soon as I knew just how big this opportunity was going to be, I rushed to get this message out to you.

I want you to be one of the first to profit from this genuinely new online  opportunity and not be swept up in the tidal wave of hype and misinformation that’s coming your way.

Trust me – in the next few months EVERYONE will be jumping on this bandwagon, making outrageous claims for what this new technology could do for your bank balance.

Sadly, it’s how the world works…

When any genuinely new opportunity comes along, the charlatans and ‘snake oil’ promoters pile in and try to exploit you with half-baked schemes that are big on promises… but deliver the same old rubbish.

That’s why I had to act fast and make sure you don’t fall into their clutches.

In fact, to make sure you’re successful I’m going to hand over the exact system I’ve used to sell more than £35 million worth of products online.

But the difference is… you won’t need 30 years of experience like me… you won’t need to learn how to spot a hot market… slave away at your keyboard creating products yourself… writing sales copy or doing any social media marketing.

Instead, I’ll show you how to literally cut and paste specific ‘requests’ I’ve adapted that will get results.

I promise, your mind is going to be blown by what you learn:

  • I’ll show you how to use this revolutionary new online tool to create unique in-demand online products in hours (rather than weeks or months).
  • Why you never have to come up with your own ideas or stare at a blank page waiting for inspiration.
  • Why you don’t need to be an expert or experienced in any subject.
  • How you can get someone else to find your potential customers and do all the marketing for you and get your product seen by millions of hungry buyers.
  • How to get paid automatically each month by one of the world’s most trusted brands.
  • Why you definitely don’t need your own website, don’t need to buy stock or ever get your hands dirty with social media.
  • And how all this could mean you making £17,280, £37,440 or even £74,880 passive income per year.

Ok, let me lift the lid and show you EXACTLY what this involves…

On the 30th November 2022 the Online World Changed Forever

At the end of last year, a new online tool was launched and sent shock waves around the world…

The first time I tried it I instantly knew that it would also blow the doors wide open for people who wanted to make money online.

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is calling this breakthrough the most important technological advance in decades, as fundamental as the creation of the personal computer, mobile phone and even the Internet itself.

“It will change the way people work, learn, travel, get health care, and communicate with each other,” he said.

You see, it’s all thanks to the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence, or AI.

Yes AI has been around for years, but it was expensive and difficult to use, requiring a high level of tech knowledge.

But all that has now changed…

The launch of the free ChatGPT last November finally made AI available to all.

It proved so popular it reached a million users in just 5 days.

To put that into perspective it took Facebook 10 months to reach that figure.

As you read this, there are now well over 100 million users, making it the fastest-growing consumer application of all time.

I’m not surprised that it’s become a global hit.

What this service (and others like it) can do is utterly revolutionary.

It allows you to use the power of AI without programming skills or any tech know-how.

And it’s a complete game-changer for anyone wanting to make money online. (The great news is there is a FREE version you could use or a cheap (£16 a month) version if you decide to use it a lot.)

Using AI couldn’t be easier…

You simply chat with it like it’s a real person.

A bit like texting a friend.

Just type in a request and it can come up with business ideas, research markets, find profitable niches, and create unique in-demand products before your very eyes. 

It’s Like Having Your Own Team of Online
Experts – Marketers, Writers and Researchers – on Call at Any
Time of the Day or Night

But they never give you hassle, complain or make you feel guilty for overloading them with work for little or no pay!

Just log on, anytime of day or night, and ask it to produce what you want, using some basic instructions (that I’ll give you), and you’ll see it appear on screen in a matter of seconds.

I honestly believe this could change EVERYTHING for you…

It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, how skilled you are, what your
education is, or how good your grasp of tech might be.

Even newbies with ZERO experience could use this to start or grow a successful online business.

And that’s exactly what I’m going to show you how to do.

With my team at Canonbury Publishing, I’ve assembled a very special new step-by-step training programme that teaches you how to use AI to kickstart an online passive income from home in just a few hours.

But while anyone can use AI, it doesn’t mean that everyone will instantly make money from it…

I guarantee that while countless people WILL be jumping on the AI bandwagon to make money online, 99% of them will still fail.

Why? Because the results you get from AI are only as good as the questions you ask it.

In the AI world these questions are known as ‘prompts’.

It’s a way to tell the AI what you want and how you want it.

And in my new Prompt2Profit™ programme, I’ll give you the EXACT prompts you need to create a specific type of online product that people will buy – without you having to do any of the difficult stuff yourself.

These are adapted from the questions and requests I’ve used over the past 30 years to get human writers, researchers and editors to produce all kinds of high quality online products, in multiple different subjects, that people love to read and pay for.

Since ChatGPT launched last year, I’ve had my core team focused exclusively on figuring out how to get AI to mimic what we have done in our business… all in a way that could be used by anyone – no matter what their previous online experience.

If You’re Wondering Why on Earth I’d Share These Business Secrets With You Rather Than Just Use Them Myself, That’s Easy…

Look, I can see how the online world is changing and where the real opportunities lie.

The size of this market is HUGE

Even before AI came along it was estimated to be worth more than £1 billion a year!

A few of my loyal followers copying my approach won’t make the slightest difference to my business.

I know there are people out there who desperately want to find a way to make money from home – without a big upfront investment on some fancy course or training – something that they can do in their own time – at their own pace – without struggling with complex techie stuff…

I’ve helped tens of thousands of peoples over the last 30 years to find the most cost effective and straightforward routes to making money at home… from forex trading, sports betting, eBay, Amazon, digital photography and information publishing.

But this has the potential to be even bigger…

Here’s The Easiest and Fastest Way to Enjoy an Online Passive Income Using AI…

There is ONE PERFECT APPROACH that I recommend you start with that has the very highest chance of making you a passive income.

In fact, I guarantee you’ve come across them before.

It’s highly likely that you have bought and used them yourself.

I’m also willing to bet that you already know that it’s a proven format some people are already making money from.

It has a huge ready-made market of millions of proven buyers.

As I mentioned earlier, the global market – before AI came along – was already worth a jaw-dropping billion a year.

  • You don’t need a customer list or social media following.
  • You don’t do any advertising or deal with customers.
  • You don’t need to be an expert or have any specialist skills or credibility.
  • And best of all, you can create each passive income product super-fast, meaning you could have a whole series of individual titles, each with the potential to earn you an ongoing residual income.

(I’ll show you just how much you could be making in a moment)

You’ve probably guessed already, but I’m talking about eBooks.

Specifically a certain type of eBook you can publish and sell through Amazon’s Kindle platform.

Amazon are by far the biggest player in the eBook industry with an estimated  87% share of the global eBook market:

  • In 2020, people spent $405 million on eBooks.
  • According to Statista there are an estimated 1.1 BILLION people globally in 2023 who buy and read eBooks.
  • The UK is the world’s second-largest eBook market with 80 million titles sold via Amazon in 2021.
  • And is thought to be responsible for 87.9% of all UK eBook sales.

And there’s plenty more compelling reasons why Amazon is the best place to sell your eBooks. Once your title is uploaded (this is straightforward and I’ll show you how), you don’t need to do anything at all:

  • Amazon take and process the payments for you and pay your commissions each month.
  • There’s no need for any customer service.
  • You don’t have to stock or deliver your product, or deal with refund.
  • You don’t have to ‘run’ a business (maintaining a website, dealing with customers or emailing clients).

This all means:

  • Your traffic problems are instantly solved – you simply leverage the power of Amazon’s awesome global customer network to reach millions of readers in over 190 countries.
  • You can earn up to 70% royalties on eBook sales, way higher than the 10-15% typically offered by traditional publishers.
  • You could easily go live within 48 hours using the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform (this isn’t complicated and I can guide you through the steps easily).
  • You always retain full ownership of your content and can make changes without external interference.
  • You get paid monthly for your sales, providing a consistent income stream and enabling better financial planning.
  • You can add even more income streams by translating and selling your book in multiple languages, tapping into various markets and maximising your potential audience, with Amazon offering support for over 40 languages. (AI is great for this as it will also translate your content into other languages!)

So How Much Could You Really Make
Selling AI-Powered eBooks?

As I’m sure you know, eBooks are a well established and proven way to produce a passive income.

According to a survey by data company Zonguru, on average, self-published writers on Kindle make around £120 per month ‘on the lower end’ to more than £16,000 per month on the higher end.

Let’s take the lower figure and say you make an average of just £120 per eBook per month…

After commissions, that would typically mean selling around 60 eBooks per month or around 15 per week.

That’s absolutely possible.

Some could sell a LOT more, some less.

And let’s say that you price each eBook at £2.99 – after Amazon’s fees you’d make around £2.00 per sale. (Don’t worry about pricing or the publishing process right now, I’ll explain everything is simple steps if you decide to join me.)

Over a year that one eBook could provide you with a potential £1,440 in passive income.

Not bad for a few hours ‘work’ but now consider this…

By creating more eBooks, you could enjoy a genuinely hands-free passive income for years to come, providing you with more financial security in a time of rising costs and economic uncertainty.

Let’s assume that you create just ONE eBook per month…

With your AI assistant (and my Prompt2Profit™ system) this would be easy and could be done in a single evening, morning or afternoon.

Over a year you’d create 12 eBooks.

Remember, the pace you work at is completely up to you, but once you start seeing your royalties coming in I’m sure you’ll be keen to create even more!

It usually takes a few weeks for each title to reach its full earning potential, but with just 12 eBooks making you a modest £120 per month…

…you’d earn an extra £17,280 a year!

And once you see the cash rolling in (and just how easy it is to use AI to produce each title), you may decide to make this a regular thing.

Let say you create one eBook every two weeks…

This Could Result in a Passive Monthly Income of Around £3,120 Per Month… or £37,440 a Year

Once you get into the rhythm (and start seeing the monthly commission hitting your bank account) you might set aside a morning or evening each week to create another eBook.

One eBook a week could help you bank a potential £74,880 – hands-free!

According to Amazon itself, the number of authors earning £40,000 or more in royalties increased 40% from March 2020 to March 2022.

Just think about it… a few hours of work a week, fortnight or month…

By any measure that’s an incredible return on your investment of time, especially when AI is doing 95% of the actual eBook creation for you.

And there’s nothing stopping you from making even more.

Before we get too carried away, there are a couple of points to note:

These are NOT guaranteed figures.

Some eBooks will perform better than others.

I’m just looking at conservative averages.

And yes, over the long term the sale of your eBooks will fall off just like a regular book.

However, as it only takes a morning or evening to add a new title to your list of publications it’s not hard to sustain a steady passive income.

The kind of eBook I recommend you create are short and very focused on a single subject. This is ideal for a beginner and easy to put together thanks to these simple-to-use AI tools. And my unique Prompt2Profit™ system.

In fact you can have a full-time job and busy social life but still have time to create and sell eBooks.

And once published (that’s easy and I’ll show you how), they earn money for you without you needing to be at your computer.

So you could get paid while you sleep, while you’re at work, or even slumped in front of the telly.

The potential earnings are far more than the small effort you put in…

Of course, in the past, the time and effort it would take to create that many titles would be beyond most people.

That’s why it was professional writers and authors who dominated the self-publishing market.

But now, using AI tools like ChatGPT (yes, there are new ones popping up all the time now) you could be publishing a whole series of high quality titles in a fraction of the time even the most productive human writer could manage.

Can you see how this adds up?

Your First eBook Created Before Your Eyes In MINUTES by Your Own Virtual Assistant

Imagine this…

You sit down at your laptop, desktop, tablet or even smartphone one day, deciding to create your fist AI assisted eBook.

But rather than staring at a blank screen, wondering where to start…

Your new high powered, super-brained ‘virtual assistant’ does the work for you instead.

It finds the hottest niche markets… comes up with ideas… gives you a title and an outline… writes the content…. researches extra information… edits, proofreads and polishes the product ready for release.

All created faster, easier and cheaper than you ever thought possible – without ANY writing ‘talent’, specialist knowledge or tech ability.

This new tool slashes the time it usually takes to create hot selling in-demand eBooks and get them in front of millions of hungry buyers.

Cut and paste the unique prompts I’ll supply you with and your friendly assistant will get to work IMMEDIATELY, creating eBook content before your eyes.

Even if you are completely new to this, you can easily use my system and this free tool to outline your eBook, create all the content, edit, proof read AND come up with an attention grabbing title… in a single morning or evening!

Look, most people who just jump onto AI will end up making a lot of mistakes and get frustrated.

But with Prompt2Profit™ I’ve made sure you can avoid all these hassles and get great results quickly.

I’ve been developing processes for the past 30 years that get my writers, editors and product creators to make the products I want, exactly in the way I want.

And now you can simply ‘cut and paste’ these SAME requests into this online tool so it generates super high quality eBook content in minutes!

And With Thousands of Categories to
Choose From, You’ll NEVER Have
to Worry About Competition!

Did you know that there are more than 16,000 categories you could be creating eBooks for on Amazon?

Each of these categories has hundreds, if not thousands more sub-niches that are ripe for the picking.

And the best way to create and publish successful eBooks is to identify these very specific sub-niches – where you are not competing with thousands of other publishers.

Instead you are identifying what are known as long tail subjects or interests.

Because Amazon has such a huge reach, even the most obscure eBook titles (the kind you would never expect to sell) can have a significant audience of potential buyers.

As part of Prompt2Profit™, I’ll show you how to get AI to quickly drill down to these hidden profit reserves. What’s more I’ll even give you some of the ones I’ve identified as having great potential when you become a member.

If you can see the potential of using this new tool to create a passive income online and want to take a short cut using my proven cut and paste prompts then I’d like to invite you to become a ‘pioneer’ member of my new Prompt2Profit™ programme.

A System For Creating Profitable eBooks with The Latest AI Tools Using
My Proven Formulas

Join Prompt2Profit™ and see for yourself how mind-blowing this tech is, and how it removes all the obstacles of researching and creating eBooks.

I’ll give you a proven system for creating eBooks and show you how to use AI to do almost everything for you, including:

  • Find a Hot Niche
  • Write an Attention Grabbing Title
  • Create The Content
  • Edit & Proof Read

You could have one… two… three eBooks written and published in the next few weeks, each one with the potential to make you £120 passive income per month.

As soon as you become a pioneer member of Prompt2Profit™, you’ll get access to all of the following:

  • Prompt2Profit™ Members-Only Website where you can access all the training, resources and downloads you need to set up and run a passive income eBook publishing business from home.
  • Step-by-Step Training – it doesn’t matter if you have zero previous experience of eBooks or AI – we’ll take you through every aspect of creating and publishing your AI-generated titles in simple jargon-free and easy-to-follow steps.
  • Profitable Prompt Bank – you’ll also get easy ‘fill-in-the blanks’ prompts you just cut and paste into your AI assistant – this will make it even faster, easier and more efficient to create multiple eBooks in minimal time.
  • Ebook Sales Accelerator – by following the Prompt2Profit™ formula you can have your eBook uploaded to Kindle and seen by millions of potential buyers fast. For those in the know, there are other little-known tweaks you can make on Amazon’s platform that can boost your sales and push your eBook up the rankings. We’ll give you the precise (and easy to follow) steps that can send your eBook to the top of the best seller lists and attract even more buyers.
  • Professional Cover Design Templates – yes, people do judge an eBook by its cover! That’s why you’ll also get a suite of professionally-designed cover templates based on our analysis of hundreds of best selling eBooks.You can then easily take these and simply add your title using a free and simple online tool. We’ll even give you a video walkthrough from a professional book cover designer to give you essential tips and easy to follow steps to make sure your eBook looks great and grabs attention.

Materials For Pioneer MEMBERS ONLY!

This is a LIVE and ever-evolving opportunity…

While I’ve already figured out the exactly how you can create and publish passive-income rich eBooks, there are even more valuable insights I’m learning every day that I want to pass on to you.

That’s why as a full member of the Prompt2Profit™ community, you’ll also gain access to even more essential tools and resources to maximise your eBook success, including:

  • Hottest Trending Niches – once you see how quick and easy it is to create your first eBook using the Prompt2Profit™ system, I’m sure you’ll be hungry to add more passive income titles. To make this even easier, we’ve identified the four key categories with the greatest profit potential and analysed the best-selling eBooks. With this inside info you can quickly and easily dominate your own unique niche.
  • New Turbo Prompts – As a Prompt2Profit™ member you’ll get the very latest prompts we’re using that you can copy and paste into your own business to be even more productive and get the best results.
  • More Attention-Grabbing eBook Cover Templates – once you’ve cracked your first batch of eBooks, I want to make sure that you are never without inspiration to create more – so I’ll drop new eBook cover design templates into the member’s area. These will be the very latest designs based on the best-selling eBooks that you can easily adapt for yourself.
  • Profit Booster Report – how to rocket up the Amazon listings with these easy steps.

How Much do You Need to Get Started?

Using my Prompt2Profit™ system could help you to create and publish hot selling eBooks fast…

As you’ve seen, selling just one title selling could help you to bank £1,440 per year.

Create one eBook every two weeks and you’d pull in a potential £37,440…

Use AI to write you one eBook a week (in just a few hours) and you’d be banking a potential £74,880 per year.

Heck, you don’t have to work hard – even one eBook per month could still bring in a decent £17,280 extra passive income over a year.

And this is definitely doable..

Remember, the AI does all the hard work for you, meaning once you get the hang of it you could easily be creating each eBook in a single morning or evening.

Look, I’m not suggesting this will make you a millionaire, but how would an extra £17,280, £37,440 – £74,880 over 12 months help you?

I’m guessing it would certainly take the pressure off the cost of living crisis…

It certainly would act as a financial safety net for any unexpected bills…

And yes, it could also mean you have extra money for the finer things in life… the holidays… treating the family… fancy meals out… even a new car.

It’s your reward and you can spend it any way you want.

But how much will you need to get started?

I’ll be upfront with you – I’m already planning to turn Prompt2Profit™ into a high level training programme and charge at least £1,997+VAT for it.

And with the potential you could earn without actually doing any of the hard work… that would still be a bargain!

I mean the very real prospect of banking £17,280, £37,440 or even £74,880+ from a £1,997 one-off investment in 12 months would be pretty spectacular… far outstripping the kind of returns you could make from just about any other part-time home-based business.

Not least because you could continue to generate a passive income for years to come without ANY additional costs.

But I’m not suggesting your investment will be anything like that.

I’m acutely aware that many people are struggling right now thanks to inflation and rising costs of everything from heating your home, to putting food on the family table.

That’s why I’ve decided to make this available at an easily affordable entry fee, so that anyone can get involved.

So if you join today as a pioneer member, you can get your hands on everything in Prompt2Profit™ for just £197+vat.

That’s a drop in the ocean compared to the potential you could earn from it.

The reason I’m dramatically lowering the entry point is to encourage serious people who can see the potential of this opportunity, get involved and start making money.

All I ask is once you start making that passive income you drop me a line and share your success story with me! 😉

Start Today Risk-Free and
Decide For Yourself

Look, I don’t expect you to take my word for anything I’ve shared with you today.

Instead, I urge you to get your hands on Prompt2Profit™ right now and see the amazing breakthrough for yourself.

As soon as you start using your AI assistant I guarantee you will see the huge potential for yourself and will soon be cranking out your first of many eBook titles…

Within a week you could easily have your first title uploaded to Kindle and in front of a huge audience of hungry buyers.

I’m also realistic.

Once you see what’s involved you may have second thoughts.

Don’t worry – I completely understand!.

Even though almost all of the hard work has been stripped away, some people will find it too new – too different – and maybe even a little bit spooky.

This really is a whole new world we’re entering and the unlimited possibilities will freak some people out!

That’s why you can have 14 days to get to know your AI genie as well as see the plan I’ve come up with that will speed you through the eBook creation and publishing process.

Two weeks is more than enough time for you to make a decision.

To be honest I think you’ll know within two hours just how powerful a game-changer this is.

But I don’t want anyone to join and then feel it’s a mistake.

That’s why you can request a full refund – for ANY reason – within 14 days if you’re not completely blown away by this revolutionary breakthrough in eBook creation.

You could easily have your first title created in that time – without writing it yourself.

But if you want in, you need to respond fast.

I assure you this will be the lowest upfront fee you will ever see Prompt2Profit™ offered for.

So don’t pass this chance to be one of the first profit pioneers of the AI eBook revolution.

Just click on the button below and you’ll get instant access.

I can’t wait to share this amazing opportunity with you and learn all about your eBook success stories.

Best wishes,

Nick Laight

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