Dear Friend,

Imagine that you could create your own artistic masterpieces…

With just a few taps on a computer keyboard!

I’m talking about fantasy landscapes… historical figures… plants and animals…. food and drink… mountains, forests and oceans.

In fact, anything that came into your head.

Suddenly, you’d have the ability to create your own beautiful product at the touch of a few buttons.

And not just one product…

But UNLIMITED numbers of artworks… in any style you choose…. for any subject you can think of.

This would have sounded utterly bonkers if I’d told you this a few years ago.

But it is now a reality.

You see, I’ve uncovered a way that you can make a passive income from images created for you by easy-to-use Artificial Intelligence tools.

It’s so easy, and the results are so utterly brilliant, it’s going to blow your mind.

All it takes is a few magic words, typed into your computer…

Seconds later, you could have your own stunning image on the screen.

Just look at this, for instance…

That took about 30 seconds to make.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, you can create images like these with a few magic prompts and commands EVERY DAY.

Your ideas can come to life with just a few taps of the keyboard.

You might think of a bustling futuristic cityscape, a prehistoric forest, or a serene beach scene….

Within seconds, your vision can appear on the screen.

The process is so simple, yet the results are spectacular.

It’s like having a magic wand at your fingertips!

For example… want to create an image showing an Aladdin’s Cave filled with rare books?

You can virtually click your fingers and, hey presto!

Want an old man racing against the clock? He can appear in seconds.

Or a dog jumping for joy? Just type the words, “Photographic image of golden labrador leaping for joy” and he will appear.

Or maybe you want to see a fantasy house?

Using AI you could create an endless stream of images like these.

But here’s the best part…

You could turn each of these ‘30 second’ images into a trickle of passive income that steadily builds and builds into a significant flow of as much as £500-£1,000 per month.

And that’s just the simplest version.

Because there are also ways to turn just one image into £50… £100… £150 or more – on demand!

And I can show you exactly how it’s done – risk-free.

A brand new way of making money
that has never existed before

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to a computer system that can perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as problem-solving and decision making.

You’ve probably heard about ChatGPT….?

This was the first AI programme released, back in November 2022.

It allows you to talk to AI just like you might talk to a human in a chat room.

Using simple prompts, you can ask it to carry out tasks – everything from research and planning, to writing and editing.

Well now there is something that’s even MORE impressive.

And a lot more fun too…

Because you can do the very same thing… but with images.

It’s now possible to give written instructions to an AI chatbot and it will create an image to order – something that has never been possible before!

For instance, you could make this green earth goddess come to life with just a few special commands, typed into your computer.

You can get AI to produce whatever is on your mind – even the most bizarre and outlandish idea you can think of.

Let’s imagine you type: “Mr Cheese getting ready to eat a plate of cheese that’s screaming in fear.”

This would appear before your very eyes..

The whole process is super fun, super quick and super easy.

As you can see, you don’t need any artistic skills at all.

No tech skills either – this is as simple as logging onto an AI site and typing in a few simple words.

For example, if you were to type in: “Giant moon over dark hills dotted with houses”. You’d get something like this:

Or you could type: ‘Surreal oil painting of a roman urn with flowers’ and you’d get this:

Once you try it, I promise you’ll find it really addictive.

There’s nothing like the buzz you get when you see your own AI art come to life.

It’s like, “Wow, did I really make that?”

But this isn’t just about creating amazing artworks.

This could be one of the most ridiculously fun and rewarding ways to make extra money you’ve ever seen.

Which is why I’m writing to you today…

How to make £2.80 – £50+ for each image you create

My name is Nick Laight. Over the last 30 years I’ve helped tens of thousands of people to find the most cost effective and straightforward ways to make money at home.

…From forex trading and sports betting, to eBay, Amazon and information publishing…

But AI is the biggest breakthrough of them all.

It tears down so many barriers that might have stopped you from making money online… especially if you’ve struggled with a lack of skills, natural creativity and time.

Since ChatGPT launched I’ve shown people how to use AI to create written content… digital planners.. eBooks and even mugs.

But for me, AI artworks might be the most exciting and potentially profitable  yet.

Because it’s SO quick and so easy – and the results are utterly mind-blowing.

What’s more, it’s possible to monetise those results without very much effort at all.

You see, there are websites out there where you can sell your  AI images and make anywhere from £2.80 per download to £50+ per image without lifting another finger.

    • You upload to just ONE place
    • They handle everything else
    • You get paid

And the big advantage is that there are:

  • No physical products…
  • No taking payments…
  • No tedious packaging, posting or admin…

Because each image takes minutes to create, you can continue to generate and upload images daily.

You can also combine different AI Image outlets so you have multiple passive income streams running 24/7.

It all happens automatically, day or night, and the money hits your account, whenever a sale is made.

The process of making the artworks and uploading them is so quick, you could create dozens of saleable digital products in about 30-60 minutes a day.

You can do this whenever you have a little time spare – while watching TV… while on a lunch break… maybe on a rainy weekend morning.

Any time you choose. It’s up to you.

Over a short time you can create tens… hundreds… or even thousands of images that are out there online on sites where they can be seen by hungry buyers.

All you need to know is precisely WHERE to put this art online, and WHAT their customers are looking for.

And I can show you how it’s done in my new training programme – PIXEL PROFITS: How to Earn a Passive Income Creating & Selling AI Masterpieces Without Any Artistic Skills.

Get everything you need to
make money from AI images

In PIXEL PROFITS I’ll take you right from the beginning, through every step you need to take… including how to find a profitable niche, how to create the images, where to upload them and how to make sure your images are in-demand and make money.

How much you could earn will depend on how many pieces you create. But let’s say you make just £2.80 per image using one of the most basic platforms I’ll show you.

If you sold 100 images per month that would make you £280.

Sell 500 and you could be making an extra £1,400 per month.

On another platform I’ll show you, you can sell a specific kind of AI art that tends to go for between £3.59 – £9 per image.

Selling 100 images per month at £5 would make you £500.

Selling 500 a month would make you £2,500

That might sound like a LOT of images.

But bear in mind you could make at least 10 of these AI images per hour (probably even more).

Once the images are uploaded, that’s it – you don’t need to do anything else.

No packaging, no delivery, no customer care, no follow-up marketing.

This is a proper passive income generator – and I honestly don’t think there is a more fun way to make money that I’ve seen in over 30 years writing about home businesses.

And I’d like to send everything you need to set this up, quickly and hassle free.

See how amazing this is for yourself!

Within a few days you could easily have your first 10 artworks created, listed, and ready to sell.

But you can have a 14 days to try it and see how much you make before you make any final decision.

And if you’re not happy for any reason, that’s fine. I’ll refund you in full no questions.

But I think that you’re going to be totally hooked.

Finally, you can do creative stuff and get paid for It (even if you don’t have artistic skills)

There are so many people who dream of being able to make money from doing something fun and creative. But they haven’t got the skills or talent.

But now it is possible – because with AI you can now turn your imagination and ideas into something that looks fantastic.

This is your chance to  create and sell some seriously cool art, even if you’d normally struggle to draw a convincing stickman!

For instance, check this out – something I made with the prompt, ‘Black and white pencil sketch of bearded carpenter working on a piece of wood’:

Or if you wanted something more colourful and vibrant, here’s something I’d HAPPILY hang on my wall – created in seconds.

Just imagine getting paid for these awesome creations!

We’re talking real cash for those digital masterpieces you can create in minutes!

And just get ready for loads of “oohs” and “aahs” from friends and family when they see what you’ve created!

I have to say, it’s a total thrill to see your ideas come to life before your eyes.

And it’s even more exciting to know that this is not just a hobby but a gateway to endless possibilities for making a side income.

I can give you everything you need to know in PIXEL PROFITS: How to Earn a Passive Income Creating & Selling AI Masterpieces Without Any Artistic Skills

It is a start-to-finish programme for creating profitable images, with easy-to-follow video guides and step-by-step instructions  to make it really easy.

It will include a powerful way to monetise AI art by tapping into a booming $6.4 Billion online image industry.

This is a huge, growing hungry market of people seeking out images for all kinds of commercial and business purposes.

The trick is to know what kinds of images sell the best.

You see, pretty much anyone could, in theory, head to an AI image generator and produce something (if they know which platform to go to).

However, very few people know how to get AI image generators to produce really good, valuable content.

They rarely get beyond the surface level (and often get weird, inconsistent, or random images).

But I can show you how to make images that sell:

  • How to tap into hot digital AI trends, and capitalise on big events, topics and news stories to send sales skyrocketing.
  • How to produce images in a unique, engaging, and interesting style.
  • How to create images to fit any space.
  • The secrets to creating images that really help your content shine and to help create images that sell.
  • How to get inspiration and specific prompt ideas from images you already know and love.  

You could quickly have a portfolio of stunning images for every occasion…. every theme… every topic you can think of, all listed on multiple sites online.

And if your image hits a hot trend, you could see huge sales from just one of your pictures overnight!

But that’s just ONE way to monetise your creations.

I’m also going to show a method of turning AI images into PHYSICAL artworks that can go for £100s each, with a whopping 50% margin.

Like this one for instance…

If you sold 10 of this kind of artwork, making £50 net per sale, you’d make £500.

Sell only 20 per month and you’d earn £1000.

The great thing is, you can try ALL the options I show you, and get your AI art listed in so many places… in so many niches… that you could be making multiple passive income from the same image.

And remember, this process is quick.

Literally, you type some commands and the image appears in less than 30 seconds.

Add some more commands (I’ll explain how and why) to get the image exactly  how you want it.

Check for its originality using the clever method I show you (takes less than a minute).

And the whole process should be done in TEN MINUTES.

Then all you do is upload!

Once it’s online, you’re done.

This could be the ultimate side income

Here’s a way that you can make a side income alongside all your other commitments, whether that’s a job or family.

You don’t need to get involved in dealing with people or doing any selling directly.

There’s no copywriting and no marketing involved.

You don’t need your own website or social media.

There’s no need for stocking or packaging…

No delivery, and no customer services either.

And even the payments are processed for you.

Yet despite this minimum effort, you could see an extra £500-£1,000 or more per month in passive income from just one of the sites where you can sell your images.

Combine all of the sites together and you could potentially be looking at £1,000s each month in truly passive income.

Your bank account genuinely could grow while you sleep, thanks to art you crafted with an AI tool as easy to use as a Google search or texting a friend.

Imagine what you could do with that extra money rolling in!

It would certainly take off the financial pressure and allow you to do more with your life, whether that’s extra holidays or saving up for a new car.

All you need to do to get started is order a risk-free copy of PIXEL PROFITS: How to Earn a Passive Income Creating & Selling AI Masterpieces Without Any Artistic Skills

This step-by-step guide could take you from a complete AI novice with zero artistic skills, to a very well-paid digital artist.

You’ll learn  how to unleash your creativity without needing artistic talent. And give you insider secrets on how to tap into lucrative markets starving for your newfound art.

It includes…

  • How to upload your AI images using a special tool that will sell them through multiple online sites once, automatically.
  • How to identify market trends in AI-generated art, and drill down into a niche where there’s a hungry audience of buyers and not too much competition.
  • How AI can market research for you and generate endless ideas for you without needing knowledge, research skills or a lot of spare time.
  • The insider secrets of what kind of images sell the best online, including the 20 top subjects for profitable AI artworks – plus big ‘no go’ topics and niches where it’s best to steer clear.
  • The TWO best AI Image creators that you can use, along with tried and tested prompts and commands so that you can quickly get fantastic results from them. I’ll give you prompts as well as clever little hacks and tricks to get unique twists on your images.
  • A strategy for instantly checking what competition there is on Google for your image, plus easy methods of making your images MORE unique, MORE interesting and that stand out from the crowd – all with a few simple techniques I’ll show you.
  • A proven strategy for tapping into hot news trends, important days and seasons that could send sales of just one or two images through the roof! I’ll give you specific things to target and even a calendar of events.
  • How to create AMAZING images in seconds (and for virtually nothing) for any online business or product you create. It will bring you more engagement. More follows. More sales!

And for every part of the process you’ll get clear and simple written steps along with video walkthroughs and downloadable tools and resources.

You could easily get through to the stage where you are uploading your first images within 24 hours of starting.

But I’d like to give you a lot longer than that…

Get a whole 14 days to try out this AI system – with your money back GUARANTEED

You can order PIXEL PROFITS: How to Earn a Passive Income Creating & Selling AI Masterpieces Without Any Artistic Skills and get 14 days RISK-FREE to see how you get on.

Follow the strategy, use the prompts, and start creating!

As I say, you only need an hour a week to create 10 images per week… which is less than ten minutes a day.

Treble that to 30 minutes a day and you could be listing 30 images per week… 120 images per month…  and 1,440 images across the next year.

Each one has the potential to make £2.80-£50 or more in passive income.

And you could potentially make £500-£1,000+ a month extra for very little work.

I’m also going to show you a way to make even more money per month by turning some of your creations into physical prints that can sell for £100+ for a single image.

But I recommend that you take up the trial offer, get your amazing art online and see for yourself how fun and profitable this could be.

If you change your mind, or decide it’s not for you, I’ll refund you every penny you paid for it, no questions asked.

What’s more, in the Pixel Profits programme I’m going to show you how to use AI images to help you enhance ANY project you are working on -whether it’s selling online, blogging, local charity or your own home business.

Not to mention that this is a way to build your own amazing catalogue of creations to wow your friends and family (and to fill your home with beautiful art) like this.

Or this…

And remember…

You could potentially make £500-£1,000+ per month for about an hour’s effort each MONTH.

That’s just from ONE method I’ll show you.

Plus you could make regular lump sums of £100+ from the second method I’ll show you.

Not to mention all the other ways you can use images for other money making projects.

Potentially you could be seeing £1,500 or more a month extra in passive income.

All from something that’s quick, fun and easy…. with none of the usual hassles of running a business – no website, no staff, no direct sales, no customer care, no packaging and delivery.

How much would you expect to pay for training that delivers all that?!

You might easily think it could run into the thousands. 

But all you need to join PIXEL PROFITS and get access to all the training is a one off fee of £147+VAT.

And remember, this comes with an iron-clad 14 day refund that I am personally underwriting.

So you can follow the training and set everything up first before you make any final commitment.

It will only take a few days to get your work online, ready to sell, so that’s more than enough time to see all the proof you need.

Get a full refund if you’re not utterly hooked on AI art within 14 days

You don’t need to give me any reason at all – if you’re not 100% hooked on creating AI art, let me know in your first 14 days and you’ll get your money back.

But I suspect that once you get started, you’re going to love it.

Because finally, here’s a way to make money from something fun and creative without needing any artistic talent or skills.

And you can do it all in your own time, online, without selling to anyone or needing to do your own marketing.

What’s more, it’s really fun.

Just imagine having your very own line of beautiful digital products, selling on other people’s websites…

What a fantastic way to kickstart 2024!

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