Dear Friend,

I’m so excited to be sharing this with you…

Not only because of how much you could potentially make from it… 

Or the genuine pride and personal fulfillment you’ll enjoy by getting involved…

But because this is a genuinely NEW opportunity. 

Before today it was impossible for non-professionals to enter… 

But thanks to new, cheap and easy-to-use AI tools like Chat-GPT, it’s blown the doors wide open. 

It means that now, anyone who follows a simple process can get involved. 

(And don’t worry if you’ve never used Chat-GPT before, it’s super easy and I’ll explain everything in a moment.)

First consider this:

  • It has the real potential to make you £36,000 – £60,000 per year part-time…
  • And yet you don’t need any specialist skills or experience. 
  • You can work at times that suit you.
  • The start-up and running costs are very low…
  • What’s more you get paid as much as £3,500 upfront BEFORE you do any work…
  • You only need 6-10 clients to make £36K – £60K per year.
  • You could easily get all of your clients from the local area WITHOUT spending money on advertising or ever going onto social media! 

And there’s more…

You get paid very well for talking to INTERESTING PEOPLE… 

In fact, you’re providing a highly-valued and respected service that people will thank you for…

Why? Because you’re helping them do something that will bring them a deep sense of personal accomplishment… 

…and could have a lasting impact on future generations who will be inspired by your work.  

It’s truly the kind of home-based business you can be proud to tell your friends and family you are involved with. 

So What’s This Amazing
Opportunity all About?

Have you ever talked to someone who’s lived an interesting life and thought…

“Wow, this stuff should be written down!?” 

It happens to me all the time. 

From elderly relatives with memories of the war… 

…and friends who’ve been on exotic travels…

…to entrepreneurs who’ve struggled to reach where they are today. 

I’m amazed by their experiences and think they’d make a great book – even if they were only shared among their loved ones. 

There are loads of people like that out there: 

  • Veterans of wars, travelers, athletes and adventure junkies.
  • People who’ve overcome personal challenges, disadvantages or prejudice.
  • Farmers, CEOs, volunteers, doctors, midwives, teachers, truck drivers and other important professions.
  • Even just ordinary folk who have seen many changes over the decades.

These people don’t need to be high profile, in the public eye, or at the top of their profession. 

They just have a story they want to tell and a desire to see it in print. 

However, most people just don’t know how to start organising their thoughts into a book, and don’t have the time or ability to write it. 

So they look for others to do it for them.

And Here’s Where Things Get
REALLY Interesting…

I guarantee there are people in your local area right now who would happily pay £8,000 – £12,000 for someone else to write their memoir. 

And yet they DON’T expect to earn that money back in sales. 

You see, they’re not motivated by publishing success, starting a new career, or creating a bestseller.

All they care about is:

  • Creating a lasting legacy they can pass on to their family and friends, so that they can be remembered long after they have passed away.
  • A way of preserving their unique knowledge, insights and experience for future generations.
  • And that invaluable sense of pride and satisfaction at seeing their life story in print. 

This powerful deep-rooted desire has fuelled a booming niche industry in ‘memoir ghost-writing’ especially since the pandemic.  

Take a look at this recent Guardian article:

And now, with easy-to-use tools like Chat-GPT, you could take advantage of this potentially VERY profitable opportunity without the need for writing or editing skills. 

Keep reading, and I’ll explain exactly how you can take advantage of this incredible opportunity without risk and without any previous experience.

First, let’s get some definitions out of the way…

How to Earn £36-60K Extra Per Year Part-Time as a Memoir Ghostwriter… Using AI!

You’ve probably heard the term before, but a ‘ghostwriter‘ is someone who authors a book for someone else… 

Their name doesn’t appear anywhere in the book, but they get paid very well for what they do.

And there are a LOT more ghostwriters out there than you might think.

Almost all celebrity autobiographies are ghostwritten or heavily ‘edited’ by someone else.

And yes that includes memoirs from the likes of Prince Harry, Donald Trump, Paris Hilton and Andre Agassi…

But it’s not just about celebrities, politicians and sports stars…

There is huge and growing demand in ghostwriting memoirs for ordinary people who have led interesting lives… 

…or who simply want to preserve their experiences in a book they can give to friends and family. 

And as I said, they are prepared to pay a premium for this service.

They usually have a disposable income and place a very high value on getting their life story in print, which means there’s potentially great money to be made. 

Let me give you some examples of real-life services…

Life Book charges £9,000 for a 50,000 word memoir.

Forever Stories charges £8,125. 

The Book Of Life is charging £10,750 for a 50,000 word memoir.

LifeBook Memoirs charges £12,000 for the same length memoir.

So as you can see, this kind of service is established and offers a serious income earning potential.  

Of course, your first reaction to this might be…

“But I Could Never Write
Someone’s Memoir!”

Don’t worry, I get it – the idea of writing a memoir might seem scary, impossible and completely out of your comfort zone right now. 

The good news is you’re not actually writing anything yourself…  

Instead, you are managing the memoir-creation process, using AI to do ALL of the writing and editing for you. 

Your client provides the content, the storyline and the personality.  

So you don’t have to come up with any ideas, do research, or write the text itself. 

All you do is talk to the client, record what they say and get it transcribed in minutes (yes, AI can do that too and I’ll show you how!)

I’ll even teach you how to simply ‘feed’ the interview into Chat-GPT and turn it into highly readable prose without losing the unique ‘voice’ of your client. 

This is all cheap, quick and easy to do…

Chapter by Chapter, the Book Will
Emerge Before Your Eyes! 

And by using the formula I’ve developed, you can then get AI to structure the book and organise the text into a logical order that will be compelling to the reader.  

AI can even proof-read and edit it for you!

This is something you can deliver to the client as a basic digital file so that they can self-publish it. 

However, to make the really big money, I recommend you provide a premium added-value memoir service

In those earlier examples, the memoir-writing services charged between £8,100 – £12,000 per client. 

In addition to creating their written memoir, this also included a small print run (typically just 5-15 copies) of a high-quality hardback book with cover.

This has a very high perceived value to the end client as they can give away their memoir to friends and family members. 

Ultimately, they want a physical keepsake (a real book!) – something that they can physically hold and show to others.

And the good news is you can easily outsource this to a print on demand service that specialises in short print-runs of books. 

And I’d like to show you EXACTLY how it’s done, step by step in my new training program Prompt2Profit: AI Memoir Manager

I’ve put together everything you need to deliver a high quality memoir, including how to get clients without any advertising, interview your client and get their story transcribed, use AI to create a compelling page-turner and then how to get someone else to turn it into a beautiful hardbound book.

Again, you don’t need ANY previous specialist experience in publishing writing or editing – all of the ‘difficult’ stuff is done by AI or can be outsourced to professionals. 

So How Much Could You Make as an
AI-Assisted Memoir Ghostwriter?

As you’ve seen established memoir writing services charge between £8,000 – £12,000.

However, I would recommend you price competitively for your first clients to make your offer more attractive.

(You could even start with a family member where you price the job purely to cover costs and give yourself a modest fee.

This is a great way to hone the process and build your confidence.)

Let’s say you charged £6,997. 

This is still great value to your prospective clients – and people are more than willing to pay this kind of money for something that preserves their lives for their grandchildren and great-grandchildren to read about. 

Yes, there are a few costs involved in producing the final memoir, but as you normally get 50% of the final fee upfront, you never have to put your hand into your own pocket. 

So even after all costs, you’d still make at least £6,000 net profit per book.

And thanks to AI’s powers of almost instantaneous, automated content creation, putting together a memoir won’t take as long as you might imagine…

You could realistically complete a 50,000 word memoir within 2 months, working no more than 1–2 hours a day. 

Now by following the process in Prompt2Profit: AI Memoir Manager, you could realistically complete one memoir every 2 months. 

Over a year you could comfortably finish 6 books in your spare time…

Your Profit: 6 X £6,000 = £36,000

Once you have your first couple of memoirs completed, you will naturally become faster, and might decide to spend more time on this great home-based enterprise. 

It’s absolutely possible to do as many as 10 memoirs (or more) each year, bringing you in a bank boosting £60,000!

Imagine – this could be one of the most lucrative and proven ways you could use AI to create an extra income…

Perhaps you need to cover your energy and food bills for the year…

Maybe you’ve been promising yourself to book a dream holiday…

Or buy a new car…

Perhaps you just want to put more money into your savings.

All these amazing things are possible by setting up an AI-assisted Memoir Writing service.

And unlike so many other part-time enterprises, you don’t need to make any long-term commitment or run it like a business.

You can do this as a one-off money-maker without any further commitment or obligation, just to make a much-needed side income. 

Do the job, pocket the money and spend it however you like!

Or you could do this as a regular side gig, doing a few memoirs each year to earn £12,000, £18,000 or even £24,000 in extra income from something that is interesting, fulfilling and makes people happy. 

Just think about how earning an extra £12,000… £36,000… or even £60,000 extra PER YEAR part-time could change your life, especially during a cost of living crisis!

It’s going to be totally up to you, and the amount of free time you have:

  • You can work on the project any time of day or night you choose.
  • This doesn’t need a lot of marketing or constant advertising. In fact, you’ll probably know your first potential customer already!
  • There’s no need to market yourself on social media. You don’t need to share your life, or step into the limelight. Your involvement remains discreet and private.
  • Once the final memoir is delivered to the customer, you don’t need to do anything else. No updates, no customer service, no upkeep or maintenance. You have no more commitments to them at all. 

And one of the biggest benefits of this home-based business is that the main ‘work’ is done up front in a series of fun, informal chats with your client, then much of the rest is handled by AI.

So How Can AI ‘Write’ a Memoir – Without You Needing ANY Tech or Publishing Experience?

This is the kind of opportunity that was previously way beyond most people… 

Before today, you’d need advanced writing & editing skills and a lot of spare time. 

I mean a 50,000 word book could take as much as a year to write, manually. 

But thanks to the launch of Chat-GPT back in November 2022, producing a memoir for somebody else has suddenly become accessible, cheap and lightning fast. 

Now you can get it to create a complete book in as little as a few weeks. 

And using Chat-GPT couldn’t be easier…

You simply chat with it like it’s a real person.

Just log on, anytime of day or night, and ask the AI to turn an interviewee’s answers into content, using a specific (but easy) set of instructions (that I’ll give you), and you’ll see the memoir appear on screen in a matter of seconds.

It’s like having your own professional memoir writer at your beck and call.

All you need is a transcript of an interview with a fascinating person with a story to tell…

Using AI, and the easy-to-follow steps I’ve developed in Prompt2Profit: AI Memoir Manager, you can turn it into a compelling, readable book that they’ll pay good money for!

  • It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, how skilled you are, what your education is, or how good your grasp of tech might be. 
  • You don’t need to be an expert or have any specialist skills or credibility. Even newbies with ZERO experience could create a memoir for a client using this system. 
  • You don’t need a customer list or social media following to find people willing to pay you very well. In fact, I guarantee there will be people in your social circle or local community right now who are just waiting for someone – like you – to get their story into a book. 

And to make the process as straightforward as possible for you, with no dead ends or hair-pulling, I’m going to show you everything you could possibly need, from start to finish.

How Prompt2Profit: AI Memoir Manager Can Help You Become a Highly-Paid Memoir Creator

My name is Nick Laight. 

I’ve been in the writing, editing and publishing business for more than 30 years. 

I know exactly what’s involved in planning, creating and completing a publication. 

And I can tell you from personal experience – it’s HARD WORK!

But since the launch of Chat-GPT last year, all that has changed.

I’ve been experimenting with all the ways you can use this powerful tool to do all of the things that took me decades and millions of pounds of investment to perfect. 

And in Prompt2Profit: AI Memoir Manager I’ve assembled a very special new training programme that teaches you how to use AI to build a memoir for a paying client, including:

  • A step-by-step guide to the whole process, from finding a client without doing ANY advertising… to recording them in simple conversations and using AI to turn it into text within minutes.
  • My system of easy AI instructions to plan and write the entire memoir in brilliant prose that’s indistinguishable from the work of a human writer with decades of experience – you could do this even if you hate writing, lack skills or don’t have English as a first language.
  • Templates for everything you need, from the proposal and agreement to all your correspondence and local publicity.
  • And best of all, how to add even MORE value by arranging a print-on-demand physical copy or creating a limited edition print (I’ll show you how you can easily outsource all of this), so you don’t need any skills or publishing knowledge.

All you’ll need is a computer, internet connection, a word processing programme like Word and a couple of very cheap and easy-to-use AI tools that I will show you how to use without any of the tech hassles. 

So How Much Do You Need to Start
Your Own Memoir Writing Service?

Look, I’ve identified a genuine new way for you to use the power of AI to tap into the memoir publishing business and make a potential £36,000 – £60,000 per year part-time! 

And by following my Prompt2Profit: Ai Memoir Manager system you could create compelling memoirs using AI for high-paying clients. 

As you’ve seen, just one project could earn you £6,000 in 60 days. 

And remember, you normally get paid 50% of the final fee in advance and before you do any work.

You could definitely do this in as little as an hour or two each day, in the evening… or even as a weekend job. 

Just think what you could do with that kind of extra cash in the next couple of months! 

Create two books per year and you’d pull in £12,000.

Get AI to write 6 books (one every 2 months) and you’d bank £36,000.

And if you end up loving this opportunity, you could do it full time and make a very decent £60,000+ per year from just 10 clients.

Remember, the client gives you the content and AI does all the hard writing work for you. 

But the question is, how much will you need to get started?

Well for a system that delivers these kinds of earnings, I could easily charge £497, even £997 or more. (And I fully intend to do that in the future.)

However, I’m acutely aware that many people are struggling right now due to the rising costs of everything from heating your home, to putting food on the family table.

That’s why I’ve decided to make this available at a very easily affordable entry fee, so that anyone can get involved who realises just what a massive opportunity this could be.

So if you join today, you can get your hands on everything in  Prompt2Profit: AI Memoir Manager for just £97.00+vat.

I hope you’ll agree that’s a drop in the ocean compared to what you could earn from it.

Even if you only do one memoir you’d make close to £6,000 pure profit for yourself. 

Start Today Risk-Free and
Decide For Yourself

Look, I don’t expect you to take my word for anything I’ve shared with you today. 

Instead, I urge you to get your hands on Prompt2Profit: AI Memoir Manager right now and see the amazing potential for yourself. 

But if you order today, see what’s involved and then change your mind, that’s fine. 

Let me know within 14 days and I’ll refund you right away. 

Two weeks is more than enough time for you to make a decision.

To be honest I think you’ll know within two hours just how exciting and rewarding this could be.

Within a week or two you could have your first client paying you a big deposit and sharing their life story with you. 

And if you’ve always wanted to write your own memoir (or for one of your loved ones) but hit a brick wall because you don’t have the confidence (or experience) to do it yourself… or didn’t have the money to pay for a regular ghostwriter…  

…then getting this could be the quickest, cheapest and simplest way to turn your dream into a reality!

So whether you want to earn a fantastic extra income part-time or want to get your hands on a complete step-by-step blueprint for creating your own memoir (or for a friend or family member), then I urge you to click on the link below and start your AI-assisted memoir writing adventure!

I look forward to hearing all about your memoir success.

My very best regards,

Nick Laight
Prompt2Profit™: AI Memoir Manager

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