Dear Fellow Business Owner,

Can you believe the times we’re living in?

It’s like we’ve stepped straight into a sci-fi movie.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, you can now speak to your computer and it will speak back to you… like a REAL HUMAN.

How crazy is that?

What’s even crazier is that you can get AI to do pretty much whatever you want…

Paint a picture… write a poem… create a recipe… plan a weekend break in Paris… make you an excuse for not going to party.

And if you’ve not already tried AI yet, I’m sure that you’ve at least heard about what it can do.

Especially if you’re trying to grow or run a business.

Type in a simple command and it can write you an email, blog post, or Instagram post.

Give it a quick prompt and it can schedule a marketing campaign, write you a bunch of Facebook ads and draft a letter to a supplier.

It can even do your financial budget, work out your costs and margins, and tell you what your legal obligations are.

So you don’t have to be a tech genius to see the potential here!

But there’s a problem.

Since ChatGPT exploded onto the scene in November 2022, there has been a lot of buzz, hype and nonsense.

It feels like everyone is talking about AI.

And yet very few people are using it correctly.

Yes, AI can do amazing things. But it doesn’t deliver brilliant results unless you know what to put into it.

“Rubbish In, Rubbish Out,” as they say!

I should know, because I’ve been obsessively using it since the get-go!

And despite my excitement, I have found it REALLY ANNOYING.

The AI would hallucinate… make up ‘facts’…. forget what I wanted it to do… ignore my instructions… refuse to produce things in the length or detail I wanted.

Sometimes I ended up slamming my laptop shut in frustration!

I quickly realised that it took time and practice to get good results.

This is why, for the past 18 months my team and I have become obsessed with cracking AI… relentlessly testing and experimenting with the latest AI tools and upgrades.

Fast forward to today and we’ve developed step-by-step processes for almost every aspect of starting, running and growing a business.

From research and planning… to product development… online content… to marketing and sales…

We know what works – and what doesn’t.

And now I’d like to show you the fastest, easiest way to use AI to transform your own business no matter what your experience of AI.

With your permission, I’d like to send you a RISK-FREE copy of AI SUCCESS HACKS for just £9.95+vat.

Inside you’ll find 500+ tried-and-tested commands that deliver incredible results fast.

  • Have your own virtual team of copywriters, content writers and marketers to carry out work whenever you need it.
  • Get high quality social media, blog and email content done for you – massively increasing your online presence to attract more customers without the effort!
  • See better results in your marketing – more clicks, enquiries and sales from your ads and listings, with higher email open rates, and more social media followers.
  • Profit from constructive feedback, brainstorming, analysis and training to fill in any gaps in your skills or knowledge.
  • Get everyday tasks done for you in seconds like research, scheduling and budgeting.

It’s so easy to do…

Just copy-and-paste the done-for-you
prompts and be prepared to be
BLOWN AWAY by the results

What you need will literally appear on the screen within seconds…

Marketing, copywriting, design and sales scripts…

Schedules, plans and targets…

Costings, pie-charts, tables and stats…

It doesn’t matter if you are a part time entrepreneur, a solo business owner, an SME or even a manager in a big company.

Whatever you need, it can be delivered fast, and to order… as long as you have the right prompts.

Get it right and it’s like having a team of specialised professionals working on your business!

They never complain and work for peanuts! 😉

Grab a copy of the new AI SUCCESS HACKS today and try it yourself – build your own super efficient AI team and see what you think without making any commitment at all.

I’m happy to prove that you can get measurable results faster, easier than before – and without any tech or AI experience.

Just imagine…

Sitting at your desk each morning with your tasks for the day organised.

All the social media, blogs and emails planned, written and scheduled.

All your presentations, meetings and briefs are scripted perfectly.

You’d start your day feeling in control. Not overwhelmed and stressed, wondering how you’ll get everything done.

By using AI the right way you could turn your business into something that almost runs itself.

Totally Obsessed With AI Since 2022

My name is Nick Laight, the MD of Canonbury Publishing. I’m a copywriter, editor and publisher with over 30 years experience.

I ran editorial and copywriting teams for a billion dollar US powerhouse before I launched my own business in 2003, which has since generated over £45 million in sales (and counting).

In my time I’ve seen it all, from the rise of email newsletters and blogs… to the boom… and the explosion of social media.

But when ChatGPT launched in 2022, I knew this was going to be the biggest technological leap yet.

More importantly, I knew immediately that it would be a complete game-changer for the way people could run their businesses. 

Because it tore down the barriers that got in the way for so many people trying to start, run or grow a business.

A lack of marketing experience, copywriting training and editorial skills.

A lack of time to do all the daily work on social media, websites and email content…

A lack of staff, freelancers, training and and resources.

None of these were an obstacle if you knew how to use AI tools.

Immediately, I got my team to begin testing AI…

We adapted EVERYTHING we did to AI…

… product creation, email newsletters, marketing, Amazon listings, research, customer analysis, brainstorming… you name it.

The speed at which we could now do all these things was utterly astounding!

Tasks that would take a whole morning would be done and dusted in less than 30 minutes.

But we also had problems too…

Often, AI just wouldn’t behave.

It made mistakes… produced crappy  results… invented facts… even LIED to us deliberately.

However, we kept going, testing and tweaking…

Now we have systems in place, with exact prompts worked out, that deliver high quality reliable  AI results without errors or frustration.

And I’d like to show you how well they work in AI SUCCESS HACKS – totally risk-free.

Try out my prompts, assess the results, and see what’s possible in your own business.

For instance, if you find marketing difficult, time-consuming or beyond your skill-set…

Get Marketing Research, Training and Advice
Whenever You Need it

As I’m sure you know, AI promises to do pretty much everything – from researching your marketplace and understanding your customer, to planning and scheduling winning campaigns.

It can give you marketing plans, advice and strategies to fill in gaps in your experience…

And because AI can replicate human language, it can write sales copy, advertising, sales scripts and any content you need, online or offline.

But if you want it to deliver great results every time, you need to give it precise instructions.

And that’s where AI SUCCESS HACKS can help. Simply start using the prompts and you can …

  • Get a bespoke content marketing strategy that attracts your target audience. AI can help you understand your customers’ lifestyles, dreams, fears, likes, and dislikes. Just fill in a checklist about your target market and let AI do the rest, from analysing competitors to tracking sales trends.
  • Create professional sales copy for your ads and promotions – including great headlines, subject lines and ads written for you to order! This work would normally cost you £1000s to outsource, and take weeks to produce, but you could have it done almost instantly.
  • Enjoy more sales and clicks from your advertising! This AI-driven sales funnel secret will pull in leads like crazy and push them towards your offers and promotions.
  • Generate compelling, topical and engaging Social Media Content DAILY – you could vastly increase your online presence across more channels without needing to work more and without needing creative skills or talent. It can take seconds to create Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn posts.
  • Produce irresistible lead magnets that capture email addresses – you could make these in MINUTES to attract highly qualified leads into your business.
  • Leap ahead of your competitors by using AI to find innovative marketing ideas and niches.
  • Need better results from cold calling? AI can help you craft compelling scripts, sales presentations, and follow-up communications.

And it’s not only sales and marketing but ALL the written content you need to run a business…

Blogs, social media, email, press releases, online listings, website pages…

The prompts in AI SUCCESS HACKS can help you with planning, scheduling, crafting and sharing all your digital content.

For instance, I’ve built my 7-figure business by delivering content rich email newsletters in multiple niches. 

In the past these emails had to be written from scratch, but now AI can do this work for you, saving you precious time, hassle and endless edits…

It can plan months’ worth of free content emails, and write them for you…

It can come up with a marketing schedule and draft promotions emails for you….

Then it can even give you multiple subject lines to test.

Which means you could easily send regular engaging, relationship building  emails to customers without sacrificing a lot of time or effort.

In fact, everything you need to do in a day to run your business can be done a lot quicker – and more effectively – when you use the AI methods I reveal in AI SUCCESS HACKS.

And remember, I’m happy to send it to you today for a totally refundable £9.95+vat, which you can have back if you let me know within 14 days!

But when you see it in action, you’re not likely to go back to your old way of working.

Especially when you realise how much of your precious time you save on laborious tasks…

Boost Productivity and More than
HALVE the Time You Spend Working

Using the prompts and strategies I show you, it’s possible to get a lot more produced in far less time…

  • All your tasks organised for you daily, in order of priority – just input your objectives in the way I show you and let AI craft a step-by-step plan to revolutionise your daily routines.
  • Get Bespoke SMART goals for overcoming obstacles and hitting your targets – all based on YOUR unique challenges and experiences.
  • Free yourself from bad habits! This AI sequence of prompts can track your habits to spot and eliminate procrastination, distraction, passivity, and perfectionism.
  • Expand your network without the hassle of searching for events – get AI-driven recommendations for networking platforms, seminars, and meetups where you can get advice and meet potential new partners, freelancers and suppliers.
  • Create effortless presentations, speeches and meeting notes without any extra effort or time!
  • No more hiring headaches! Use AI to find and onboard the perfect freelancers or employees. AI can optimise your job postings to attract top candidates, manage applications, and improve the hiring process.
  • Amazing shortcut to efficient record keeping – use AI to maintain precise records and develop cost management strategies that keep your finances in check.
  • Financial Planning Done For You – get budgeting and financial forecasting helping to make better informed decisions for your future. AI also makes Bookkeeping, Taxes, and Budgeting a Breeze.
  • Effortlessly Draft Contracts and Manage Agreements for Outsourcing

In fact, AI can help streamline your business banking, accounting, invoicing, and tax matters without the need for consultants.

You can get resources, exercises, and tips provided for you as if you had your own personal development expert working by your side!

And to get started, all you need is AI SUCCESS HACKS, which I’d like to send you today, risk-free, for just £9.95+vat so you can start putting these prompts to work and see results fast.

It will show you how to save hours every day on jobs that AI can do for you, effortlessly and in minutes.

It doesn’t stop there either.

Because you could potentially use all that extra spare time to add extra income streams…

Add More Income Streams to Grow Your Business

Claim your copy of AI SUCCESS HACKS today and I’ll show you how Ai can research, spot, plan and create exciting new income streams including…

  • The lazy way to turn your skills into a 6-figure service business – you could use AI to turn what you already know into something other people will pay for (all in your spare time!)
  • Discover profitable niches with low competition – spot trending demands in less saturated markets, and find hungry audiences who are hunting for products.
  • Get matched to your ideal second income – AI can assess your skills, interests, and experiences to match you with business ideas tailored to your unique strengths and passions. AI can perform a comprehensive analysis to evaluate all the factors that might affect your success!
  • Evaluate the profit potential – AI can do cost analysis and revenue projections, showing you the pros and cons of different business models.
  • Use this one simple AI prompt to assess the market demand for your products/services.

In short, using the prompts in AI SUCCESS HACKS you can run all the research, tests, cost analysis you need to set up multiple independent income streams.

Get AI SUCCESS HACKS Today and Use the Proven Prompts to Grow Your Business – RISK-FREE

I’ve been running my own 7-figure business since 2003, so I know all the challenges you might face.

Perhaps you lack training or experience in marketing, copywriting, finance or design.

Maybe you’ve felt limited because there just isn’t enough time to do all the things you want to do.

Or it may be that a lack of a budget has stopped you from building a team of experts who can help you. 

AI can help you overcome all of these obstacles.

That is, IF you can use it the right way.

Since November 2022, I’ve been experimenting tirelessly with all the AI tools…

I’ve developed systems for writing sales copy, online content, email marketing and social media…

I’ve found ways to use them to carry out research and analysis…

And I’ve also been coaching hundreds of paying subscribers in my methods, showing them how to use AI to overcome obstacles like lack of time, skills and experience…

Now I’ve created AI SUCCESS HACKS specifically for people who run a business (of any size), showing them how to use AI to automate tasks and achieve goals they have struggled to reach.

It doesn’t matter if you run a part time home business… a solo enterprise… an offline bricks and mortar business… or a full-time business with staff….

These methods could be utterly transformative, saving you time and stress… while also delivering much better results.

I’m talking about more opened emails, more followers and subscribers, more clicks, conversions and sales from your ads and promotions…

All in less time and with less effort.

And remember, we’re still in the very early days of AI… which presents you with a chance to get in on the ground floor here.

By Using These Strategies You’ll Instantly Put Yourself Miles Ahead of Your Competition

So how much would you value this advice?

Bear in mind, a single prompt could potentially save or make you hundreds or pounds  – even thousands.

For example, it could make a Facebook ad campaign that raked in an extra £500 in sales per week…

It could save £3,000 per year that you’d pay to admin staff and freelancers…

Or it could help build you an email newsletter list that generates TENS of thousands of pounds over the coming years.

And yet all I am asking for is the extremely low price of  just £9.95+vat.

That’s for more than 500 real-life tested AI prompts and strategies that could bring you more income for less time and effort than you spend on your business right now.

But there’s a LOT more I can do…

Because in the AI world, things are changing FAST.

There are new AI tools or updates every couple of months.

Most people in business just don’t have time to keep up with the changes or learn the latest ways to exploit them…

However, my team uses AI every single day.

We are constantly testing all the major AI tools on every task a business would need… from content creation to marketing campaigns to listings, ads and sales promotions.

And whenever something new comes along, we get on it right away, producing reports with all the strategies and prompts we’ve worked out.

So today I’d also like to give you risk-free access to this…

Monthly AI Strategies To Transform Your Business

I run a service called Prompt2Profit™ Pro, which shows you how to use AI to run every aspect of your business.

From customer and competitor research to content creation, product development, marketing and copywriting.

Every month you can access the latest done-for-you cut-and-paste prompts I use in my 7-figure business – including easy-to-follow video walkthroughs that show how to quickly apply them and get fast results.

I’ll help you adapt AI to the templates and strategies that I and my team use every day to create products, write content, attract new customers and make sales.


  • Powerful advertising and marketing that works! I’ll give you step by step blueprints for creating killer sales pages, with all the prompts you need, using the proven templates I’ve developed over the decades.
  • Digital content that pulls in customers, increases engagement and builds long-term loyalty – I’ll deliver step by step training in using AI to create powerful written content like blog posts, engaging videos, webinars and audio.
  • Research into profitable new niches – I show you how to use AI to spot all the latest trends, in multiple niches, and carry out expert analysis of the marketplace. I’ll even show you how to use AI to create lifelike customer avatars that you can talk to whenever you need to pick their brains.
  • Trend hunting – I’ll show you how to use AI to capitalise on big events and trends to make your content much more topical, urgent and shareable – and also to send your sales skyrocketing.
  • Brilliant design Ideas – I can show you the latest methods of getting unique images and logos for your website, social media, packaging and information product covers. Including the secrets to creating images that really help your content shine and to help create images that sell.
  • Productivity boosters for you and your staff – I’ll give you clever tricks and hacks for reducing your effort and time, even automating large chunks of your business to give yourself more freedom to do what you want to do.
  • Expert advice on business growth and expansion – You’ll discover how to leverage AI to act as a consultant and get better results in all areas of your business quickly and cheaply – even finding new revenue streams, new product and service opportunities.
  • Reduce your business costs – used the right way, AI can slash the costs of running a business, saving you the expense of hiring freelancers, consultants and advisors – and also making costings, budgeting and bookkeeping far easier and more efficient.
  • Extra income streams – I’ll also share step-by-step blueprints for products, services and income streams that you can add to your current business.

You’ll get FREE access to the latest edition of Prompt2Profit™ Pro when you order AI SUCCESS HACKS for just £9.95+vat.

See for yourself what it’s all about…

I promise that within 14 days you’ll see how AI can boost your sales, increase your income and cut your costs – all for the same or LESS time and effort you put into your business now. 

Just imagine using AI to create entire digital products and services worth thousands in profit…

To create powerful email newsletters and promotions you don’t have to write yourself, building a valuable subscriber database worth tens of thousands.

To build marketing campaigns tailored to your target audience that double or triple your sales.

To get expert help in design, copywriting, editorial and PR for free.

Or to run large chunks of your business on autopilot, freeing up your time to do what YOU want.

But if you don’t think my AI strategies will completely change your business life for the better, saving you time and money, while increasing your sales, then you can cancel your Prompt2Profit™ Pro subscription and owe nothing. 

What’s more I’ll refund your £9.95+vat and you can keep the AI SUCCESS HACKS as a thank you for just trying out Prompt2Profit™ Pro.

So this is totally risk-free!

But if you like what you see in your free issue of Prompt2Profit™ Pro, and you continue after 14 days, you only need to pay £47.99+vat per month.

I’ll then send you further monthly editions packed with training, tools, prompts and tips.

Creative Thinking… Brainstorming… Niche Analysis… Market Research… Writing… Editing and Proof-Reading.


I really think that when you put these AI methods to work, and see how much easier and faster tasks get, you’re going to love it.

Just think about the benefits….

Less time and stress to run your business…

Professional level marketing and content materials done for you…

Advice, training and consultation at the tips of your fingers whenever you need it.

More followers, more subscribers, more customers and more sales!

All you have to do is click the link below and I’ll give you instant access to the AI SUCCESS HACKS, which you can download and put to work in your business instantly.

You’ll also get 14 days RISK-FREE access to your first Prompt2Profit™ Pro monthly training blueprint.

I hope you’ll find AI as life changing as I have!


Nick Laight

PS: I cannot wait to show you what AI can do for your business – all you have to do is accept my offer of AI SUCCESS HACKS for just £9.95+vat and I’ll give you free access to the next issue of Prompt2ProfitPro. Try it for 14 days and watch how all the tricky, time-consuming jobs become effortless and fast, saving you money while improving your results!

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